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Title: Über das Prinzip der Unschuld
Reason for update: Early narrative and lyrics (in German) intended for what would become Elisabetha's last album
Format: Colour A4 pages stapled beneath full colour cover, showing the classic Elisabetha line-up. This copy has been autographed by Hugin
Edition: Only 4 hand-numbered copies

Proposed Track Listing (showing author/date):
01. Einleitung (Des Lebens Süßer Saft) * Höllenfürst (07.02.2004)
02. Im Herbst Der Niemals War * Höllenfürst (04.10.2003)
03. Masturbation: Eden * Höllenfürst (25.02.2004)
04. Sakralis Erotika * Neon Ästhet (07.04.2004)
05. Folterqualen Der Inneren Hölle: Die Frau In Schwarz * Blutgraf (27.03.2004)
06. Blut * Höllenfürst (18.03.2004)
07. Nachruf Zu Lebzeiten (Blut Und Lust Sind Unzerstörbar) * Neon Ästhet (24.03.2004)
08. Des Prometheus Funke * Höllenfürst (26.03.2004)
09. Exorzismus * Höllenfürst (27.03.1004)
10. Ein Mittel Zum Zwecke? * Höllenfürst (27.03.2004)

Here's an interesting historical artefact from the now-defunct Elisabetha project, casting a new perspective onto their 2007 album "Über das Prinzip der Unschuld".

That particular release - covered in Honour and Darkness on 29 September 2009 - is to all intents and purposes a Hugin solo album recorded under the Elisabetha banner, taking the listener down entirely new avenues in terms of neoclassical keyboard compositions. None of the band's former 'radio play' heritage remained in the grooves of this particular album, nor did the trio of original members play on the album together. Since this 2007 release there has been little material released under the project name, save for old demos given a breath of life by Wulfrune Worxx ("Rehearsal 2001") and another older recording given a release, the Darkthrone inspired 'Transilvanischer Hunger' cover self-released in 2010. Further neoclassical musings have yet to see the light of day...

And so back to these few sheets of paper, originally printed in just 4 copies (this is #3) for Üwe (Blutgraf), Arnold (Neon Ästhet), and Höllenfürst (Hugin). For whom the original fourth copy was intended...remains a mystery! The papers contain various narrative connected to proposed songs for the album, presumably dating back to when this title was destined to be a full-and release. As detailed in the track listing above, the dates of these contributions range from 2003 to 2004 and the number of compositions listed were in excess of the final predominantly instrumental-only songs on the final release.

What would this album have sounded like using all of these lyrics and the original line-up? Well, unless any rough demos are kicking around W.A.R. Productions the answer is that we can speculate all we like but we'll never have the answer to that one. It's not impossible that such a scenario might exist, as Nazgul has in his possession a number of sampled pieces of dialogue and narrative spanning quite a few CDr discs that at one time or another have had connection to past Elisabetha work. However, given the use of limited narrative on "Über das Prinzip der Unschuld" by guest-narrator Seigor and the extensive use of samples on past Elisabetha recordings, it's pretty unlikely that the discs in Nazgul's possession would yield such treasure.

Interestingly, though, there is a track on the Bonemachine "Rehearsal 2002-2004" demo tape (reviewed on 26 November 2009) called 'Masturbation: Eden". Same title, right time frame, thus highly likely to be a genre spanning translation from one band to another under Hugin's mighty portfolio....

By the way, the photos used for this post - the signed title page, and contents sheet - are representative of the contents of this anthology, and to save on too many shots of plain white paper Nazgul has limited the illustrations to those two pictures alone. Should anyone like to have a full suite of photographs then drop me an email to the normal address and Nazgul will furnish you with a set.

In any event, an intriguing insight into part of this band's eventful history.

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