Friday, 3 June 2011


Title: Stahlzeit
Format: CDr pressed demo self-released from W.A.R. Productions circa 2001 (no catalogue reference). The inlay tray is a fetching shade of blue, holding a plain silver CDr disc.
Edition: 11 copies only

Track Listing:
01. Schall & Rauch
02. Raserei

Now here's a disc that you don't see everyday. Uruk Hai fans will remember that way back in 2001 Hugin found himself in the CCP Records studios in Austria recording some tracks for what was destined to become the Bonemachine (later B-Machina) project. One of those tracks - 'Schall & Rauch' found its way onto a split 7" vinyl release with Grimthorn, and was published bearing the Uruk Hai logo in error. The story of this particular release can be found in the post for 8 May 2009.

What is less well known is that Hugin pressed up a small batch of CDr demos under the Uruk Hai name, featuring both that song and an as-yet unreleased second track 'Raserei' under the title "Stahlzeit", which is what we have here.

Hugin has annotated this copy (#1 of the 11) with the legend "before it turned into Bonemachine", and indeed the 'Raserei' track whilst unreleased here eventually found its way onto the Bonemachine demo tape "Zeit" (see Honour and Darkness 15 August 2009 for details).

Credited on the inlay booklet is one "R.K." for session guitar work, presumably being Hugin's friend Roland Konigstorfer who has also appeared on a number of other releases from Hugin's projects, including Hrossharsgrani's "Schattenkrieger" album.

An interesting period of Uruk Hai history this - we saw how at the turn of the Millennium the Hrossharsgrani war-machine spawned a side project that became Uruk Hai; now the history books would seem to add weight to the evidence that Uruk Hai begat Bonemachine at some point in the early 2000's. So at what point does Heimatleid fit into all of this, one might reasonably ask, as it is cited on the B-Machina MySpace pages as the precursor to that band despite the Heimatleid sound being far more associated with the pummeling barrage of Hrossharsgrani? Clearly a melting pot of ideas were running around the brain of Mr Wieser around this time (and currently too, judging by the ever-flowing creative juices).

The two tracks here, incidentally, are both excellent industrial/martial songs and really are well worth tracking down if you can through the Bonemachine back catalogue.

To end, a photo from inside the inlay for this release wherein lies the edition number from Hugin's own hand.

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