Saturday, 18 June 2011


Title: So Alone
Format: Currently available as a downloadable file at the website.
Edition: unlimited download

Track Listing:
01. So Alone 8.31

Following the mini-interview with Hugin in the last post, a follow-up plea from W.A.R. Productions arrived at Castle Nazgul requesting that an addition be made to advertise the fact that the first downloadable Solid Grey track was now available via the pages.

Nazgul thought he'd go one better that a simple addendum to the interview, however, and thus here is the first review of Solid Grey material (hmmm...that sounds a tad unpleasant written like that, but you know what I'd getting at) on Honour and Darkness.

The track in question is 'So Alone'. Recorded in Austria & Belgium in January/February 2010 it features lyrics by Bart Piette (of Dead Man's Hill) and music from both Mr Wieser and Bart. The track was mastered at Luftschutzkerker, Switzerland in May 2011 and should be included on the band's debut album "Pull The Strings Tighter", due for release around November 2011.

If you've not already rushed off to download your own copy to listen to, then let Uncle Nazgul tip you the wink here and now to say that this is very different to Hugin's other musical musings! Solid Grey encapsulate that magical time of the early-mid 1980's when Gothic rock (as opposed to Gothic metal a la Within Temptation, Tristania et al) ruled the airwaves. We're back in the heyday of bands such as The Mission, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Fields Of The Nephilim, when black coats and The Cure t-shirts ran rife on the streets of Europe and dead-pan vocals and 'moody' music whirled around your ears in a bat-winged vortex of despondency.

Now, depending on your age and musical inclinations this new direction is either a highly enjoyable trip back to 'the day', or a possibly baffling excursion into new territories hitherto unexplored. For Nazgul, himself a teenager in the heady days of the 80's, it's all rather good fun and wholly reminiscent of the scene at the time, which one imagines was the point of this particular collaboration: nothing that's likely to set the world on fire, but some good honest music in a genre whose embers still burn on and refuse to extinguish.

If this is a taster for the album to come then it would seem that we're in for a treat.

If you've not already rushed off to download your copy of this may I politely request that you do so, thus supporting another venture from our favourite Austrian (and Belgian!), and expand your musical universe just that little bit more.

I'm sure Bart and Alex won't mind Nazgul reproducing the lyrics to this track as they are already printed at the Bandcamp site, so here they are:

Never again they'll leave me here
Without windows to look outside
Trapped in a prison of flesh
Without windows to gaze outside
There's nothing I can do
I want to take a deep look
Into the inside of me
But all the doors are locked
The unavoidable loneliness comes up
which has nowhere to go
Totally trapped in myself
Trapped in eternal loneliness
This is the sound of solitude
the feeling that will never pass
trapped between the white walls
The soul is imprisoned, and forgotten

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