Sunday, 1 May 2011


Band: ALEX
Title: Confusing Me
Format: This is not a formally released song (at least, at date of writing), rather a special track written for a friend, Michaela Lindbichler.
Edition: Technically, 1 copy (see text)

Track Listing:
01. Confusing Me 2.17

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, here's another curve ball thrown by our Austrian maestro.

This single track release was especially recorded by Hugin on Christmas Eve 2010 for a friend - Michaela Lindbichler - and given this rather natty cover. Formally, Nazgul presumes, only the one copy was intended to be sent, but with Hugin being such a staunch ally of Nazgul's all consuming quest for collecting all of his output this second copy also found its way into the Castle archives too. As ever, my thanks to Hugin for this.

Recorded under his own name 'Alex' this song is something of a dance track, most akin to Ceremony of Innocence of all of his other projects but still different in many respects. There's a subtle backing vocal not unlike the chanting effect that early Enigma work used to have, and almost a rave bpm percussion overlain with some bubbling synth and dance-groove.

It's fair to say that this song won't be featuring in Metal Archives any time soon!

It live up to it's title perfectly, as it is a step away from Hugin's other projects and - if anything - sounds like a demo or outtake from a song that he might be working on as we speak. What price a new commercial Hugin project lurking in the wings? Well, anything is possible so who knows...

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