Thursday, 14 April 2011


Title: Transilvanischer Hunger
Format: Promotional copy of the limited edition CD single released on W.A.R. Productions in 2010, comprising a hand-written CDr contained in a bespoke paper sleeve inside a plastic wallet.
Edition: unknown - possibly only this copy

Track Listing:
01. Transilvanischer Hunger

Sad times - the number of Elisabetha releases over the past year or so has pretty much dried up, save for the odd release of old instrumental demos on Wulfrune Worxx. As such, we've not had much coverage of this particularly toothsome project on the Blog in recent times. A shame, for there is a long and (un)healthy tradition of Elisabetha demos in the early years of the previous decade that led to some fine releases being unleashed upon the world at large.

However, all is not lost as Nazgul does still have a few tricks up his sleeve, the first of which is to crack open the file marked 'promo and master CDr' for inside are a selection of unusual items bearing the Elisabetha name. Rejoice, for it is not quite time to say 'fangs for the memory' yet...!

This particular item is a CDr promotional version of the "Transilvanischer Hunger" release (incidentally, spot the spelling mistake on the CDr!). It is, in fairness, the same song on a silver CDr as contained on the formal release (but on silver disc as opposed to the rather splendid black and gold sided disc that the final version came on), housed in a specially created paper cover with the band logo on it. The rear of the paper inlay is interesting though, as initially it looks as if a water-stain has marked the rear paperwork, but after closer inspection it becomes evident that it is the middle 'bat' part of the old Elisabetha logo!

Truth be told, that's about all that can be said about this disc really, as a more detailed review of the formally released single was posted on 14 September 2010. Still, it keeps the Elisabetha flag flying into 2011 and with other master-disc CDr's being housed in the Castle library we can pick up the project again in a future month with another random blast from the past (or should that be 'rave from the grave'?)

On a final note, contained in a parcel that Hugin sent over to the Castle some months ago were some mis-pressed copies of the official CD version of this release. Said copies don't play of course, but do make rather intriguing coasters for the many and varied Hugin-themed coffee mugs that pile up on Nazgul's desk during the scribing of this Blog...!

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