Saturday, 9 April 2011

SCHATTENKRIEGER > photo session 2002

Item: Promotional CDr containing pictures from the "Schattenkrieger" album shoot, 2002
Format: Yellow CDr disc in bespoke paper sleeve housed in plastic wallet.
Edition: One-off copy for the library at Castle Nazgul

"Schattenkrieger" is what you might think of as Hugin's 'Marmite album' - you either love the glossy melodies and highly polished sound (courtesy of supporting ensemble Ecstatic Fear and a host of session musicians) or you consider it nothing to do with the true Hrossharsgrani heritage and something of a black sheep in the family.

Since Honour and Darkness took a look at the release back on 19 May 2009 we've also covered a few other related items - a t-shirt promoting the album, and a few promotional flyers and adverts that came across the library desk.

Today's offering is slightly different - a few examples of the original photos from the album photo-shoot done back in 2002 for the CD booklet.

Hugin has kindly bundled together a sample of the session's output onto a CDr and given it a natty paper cover, from which Nazgul has selected a few photographs to share with you this morning.

Those of you who own the album will recognise the triumvirate of our Austrian Hero, Hugin, together with the mysterious Munin and the glamorous Fylgja. A few good solo shots of Hugin also pop up in the mix, so let's enjoy that Medieval Overlord look circa 2002!

Another unusual one from the collection. On a similar theme and for fans of Uruk Hai there's a treat in store in the weeks ahead, as a photo session for a very popular recent release will be explored in more detail. Stay tuned...

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