Tuesday, 26 April 2011

HROSSHARSGRANI > Ancient Tales t-shirt

Item: Unique white cotton t-shirt printed with a one-sided, full colour design.
Edition: 10 t-shirts exist

This is usually a very busy time of year in Castle Nazgul, so apologies for the lack of new posts recently. You can take some comfort from the fact that there is no dearth of material to cover: oh no - with an artist as prolific as Hugin there's always something new to be discovered. No, uncle Nazgul merely has been working his undead soul to the limit with more mundane matters than Honour and Darkness business, so to put this situation right a quick post seems to be in order.

What you see here is a close up of the stunning panel from this hand crafted Hrossharsgrani t-shirt. Talk about taking the shirt off someone's back, this addition to the collection has the very aura of Hugin associated with it still, so swiftly was it ripped from his grasp once offered...

The design - of a dragon threatening a pumped-up and doubtless pissed-off barbarian, set against a fantasy background - is both striking and effective. Notice the old style Hrossharsgrani band logo, denoting this as a release from the early days of the project's existence. It manages at one and the same time to come across as a bit amateur and yet entirely in keeping with the philosophy of the band, and in that respect has become one of Nazgul's favourites. And could that crumbling edifice in the distance possibly be Castle Nazgul itself....?

The artist of this masterpiece is none other than Heidi, a lady best known to collectors of Hugin's work as the illustrator for the Hrefnesholt "Hrefneswinter" tape release, and also of note for having designed the cover for the Hrossharsgrani promo-CDr "Urd".

What's that, you cry - "Urd"? What are you on about, Nazgul, never heard of such a thing! Well, that much may yet be true, for this promo-only release is yet another rare item locked away in the bowels of the Castle, but due for public airing very soon indeed...

[Edit: 28/4/11 - Hugin has just sent through additional information about this t-shirt:
10 shirts printed of this one!! It's called “Ancient Tales” T-Shirt, painted by Adelheid Bagar in 1999. She also painted the "Ancient Tales" poster & the first tape cover. The Hrefnesholt "Hrefnesvinter" cover was painted by her too, as was the Hrossharsgrani "...Of Battles…" logo and the Hrefnesholt logo. Uruk Hai's "Gone With The Wind" CD cover was done by her, as was the Hrossharsgrani "...Of Battles…" picture LP insert frame!]

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