Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hail to the Chief...

Happy Birthday Hugin, 2011 !

The wheel of time turns once again, and we find ourselves in April 2011 and needing to recognise the only reason this blog exists - a certain Mr Alexander Wieser, of Linz, Austria. Many thousands of words and hundreds of photos have been posted in the past two years as Honour and Darkness helps to bring to global attention the work of this most prolific of musicians from one of the less obvious outposts of Europe.

Yet here we are, 13,000+ strong with unique readers of these missives, all here for one reason only - Hugin's music has touched all of our lives in some way and as a result the man himself has made a positive difference to all of our lives. Think about that, for just a second. Despite all of our individual best endeavours most of us only touch the lives of immediate friends and family, and often fleetingly at best. Here is a man who has touched literally thousands of lives with his creativity and talent, yet remains as nice a guy as you could ever hope to meet. A rare thing, indeed.

Hugin has made a permanent and beneficial difference to the lives of anyone who has bought and appreciated his music, and for that we should give thanks.

So here we are, in the annual 'Happy Birthday' post to the maestro himself. This year, Nazgul thought it would be a splendid idea to combine some rarely seen photos of Hugin through the ages (in no particular order) with tributes and thoughts from some of the artists who have worked alongside Hugin in the past years to produce such magnificent music. So please join Nazgul in wishing Mr Wieser a happy 42nd birthday (an auspicious number, according to author Douglas Adams, being the answer to life, the universe and everything...).

And a suggestion - if each unique reader of this Blog were to place a mere $5 order with Hugin via his MySpace pages (links to the right) then we could provide rather a nice financial contribution to the W.A.R. Productions coffers. Go on, you know you want to - it's the decent thing to do...

"Hails Alex, I am very grateful for having an opportunity to be friends with a man like you. During all these years we have made many wonderful creations together and supported each other. As for the birthday wishes - I wish you great unearthly health and let inspiration be inside your soul forever. Now I see that the spirit of the Lord of the Rings lives in Austria and has a name: Alex. Keep up your great work and spread the magic of Moria in this lost world."

S. (Depressive Illusion Records)

"Infernal and blasphemous greetings to one of my greatest friends. Continue to compose your music from the tower of Isengard!"

Grav (Orcrist)

"Hails my friend, Well, it's always hard for me to compose and write good wishes, so I'll be short, but sincere - Happy Birthday my friend Alex, may the wisdom of the stars shine on you and your family!!!"

Alexander (AMF Productions)

"My friend, stand strong & stand proud! looking forward meeting u again soon in the holy Alps."

Cz (Vinterriket)

"Good luck, good health and long life to you and your family. We are not born, but we live. Barracuda!"

Klat Ba (Mhnunrrn)

"To Alex, my good friend and fellow musician, wishing you the best of days and good health to enjoy it! And I'm still convinced you only get yourself into hospital to have the attention of all those pretty nurses. Hah! Hope you have a great day my friend."

Jim Kirkwood
"Happy birthday! I wish you all the best for the future, may your inspiration and your art never leave you. Real music needs honest and honourable people like you. May the Gods enlighten your way. All the best!"

Valerio (Symbiosis) And finally, but by no means last, is this most excellent contribution from Blog reader Morax Druag, who you will remember from a recent 'Followers of Honour and Darkness' post.

The creation below was created especially for Hugin's birthday, and makes Nazgul well aware of his own lack of creativity in the artistic stakes! The image is taken from a painting by John Howe, based on a story from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion (and prominently featured in The Children of Hurin as well). It shows the dragon Glaurung being slain by the cursed sword Gurthang, wielded by Turin Turambar.

What more fitting way could there be to end this short birthday tribute: Alex, from Nazgul's own heart comes a wish for health, luck and happiness to you in the year ahead, and may you and your family be content in the knowledge of how you have touched our lives now and for always.


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