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Title: Death Is Just Another Path...
Format: Red coloured CDr pressing on the W.A.R Productions label (no cat ref) on 9 April 2010. colour card sleeve folded to house disc in a white card wallet, which bears the edition number. The item comes in a plastic sleeve. An uncredited bonus second song appears at track 66: there are 3 minutes of silence between the two songs (tracks 2-65 inclusive).
Edition: 50 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

01. Death Is Just Another Path... 8.00
02. March To War 12.30

It's been a hectic week here at Castle Nazgul with limited time to update the Blog and delve once more into the world of all things Hugin. To make up for a quiet week of posting, here's a gem pulled from the collection to brighten your weekend.

The disc in question is the exceedingly rare "Death Is Just Another Path..." CDr pressing that was sold as a bonus disc only with initial orders of the "Black Blood, White Hand" box-set (see post of 27 October 2010) and also was available at the release party for that album held at Steinklang Records, Austria.

The two songs present are not unique, but are certainly excellent modern Uruk Hai tracks. Both the title track and 'March To War' were present on the CD split releases with Sieghetnar and with Funeral Fornication, and both tracks also feature on the Depressive Illusions tape version of "Black Blood, White Hand". 'March To War' has also had a very limited vinyl release, more of which in another post.

The likelihood is, therefore, that the keen Uruk Hai fan will be familiar with the songs and thus will not necessarily feel the need to rush off to buy the only copy of this CDr that Nazgul has actually seen for sale, currently listed on Discogs for a healthy 55 Euros...

From a collectors perspective, of course, it's a great item to own. The superb cover artwork features Lucifera, the model who also features on the cover to the digipak version of "Black Blood..." and who has worked in the past with notable bands including Dimmu Borgir. The quality of the disc is also rather fine, being burgundy red on the playing side and resembling a vinyl record on the non-playing side. The disc comes in a stickered white card sleeve which bears the edition number, in Nazgul's case #2/50.

Sadly Nazgul was unable to attend the release party in Austria back in 2010, but by all accounts it proved to be a blast!

Nazgul's copy of this item has also been personalised by Hugin on the transparent sleeve that the inlays are housed in, to read (as shown below) "Death is just another path ... in Honour & Darkness." A nice touch!

If you really want to add a rarity to your collection and have a wad of spare cash burning a hole in your pocket then you could still head to Discogs and grab that one copy available, otherwise why not dust off those split CDrs and give them another spin...?

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