Friday, 4 March 2011

Chanteloup Creations > original artwork

Items: Mounted original artwork for 4 Chanteloup Creations cassette releases from both bands in the period 1999-2000.
Source: Skogen

The four items you see here were kindly donated to the Hugin Museum by Skogen, long-time friend of Honour and Darkness and former co-owner of legendary French Black Metal label Chanteloup Creations (from whence these inlays derive) and latterly of Wulfrune Worxx.

Each panel takes two of the original artwork proofs for the inlays of tapes released on the label featuring Hugin's bands, which Skogen has very nicely mounted on a piece of A4 paper and dedicated to Nazgul. What a splendid fellow he is, to be sure.

Although the quality of the images shown here may not fully demonstrate the fact, the quality of these original prints of the inlays are far better than the photocopies used in the actual production run, so you can see all of the little details so much more clearly. The edition number boxes are blank, of course, as they were hand-numbered after the original tape pressings were made and ready to be boxed up.

A very nice addition to the memorabilia contained within the library here at Castle Nazgul, and my thanks again to Skogen for his endeavours on our behalf.

This image shows the mounted inlays from Hrossharsgrani's "Kampf" demo (1999: AWE52), and bears the inscription, "To Nazgul, thou shalt keep this primal source of ancient voices of wisdom and knowledge in the dungeon of Castle Nazgul"

The second image is of Uruk Hai's "Orchish Battle Hymns" demo (2000: AWE65) and it's probably only right to note Hugin's dedication on the inlays, "These songs are dedicated to Skogen". The inscription on this panel reads, "Another piece to add to the most impressive collection known so far in the Middle Earth of Hugin's worxx"

Photograph number three shows the Hrossharsgrani "Die Ruckhehr Zum Pfade.." (2000: AWE84), once noted by Hugin himself as one of his favourite demos. Skogen's words here read, "In Honour and Darkness to Nazgul, master and commander of the brotherhood"

And last, but by no means least, the inlay for Hrossharsgrani's "In The Mystic Forest" (2000: AWE51) and one of Nazgul's favourite covers from Chanteloup Creations. The detail of the central melee image is incredible, and much better seen in this copy. This mounted cover bears the legend, "To Nazgul, master secrets unveiled but the quest never ends...until we fall"

Truly great stuff for any collector to own, and I trust you have found this glimpse further into Castle Nazgul illuminating.

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