Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Castle Nazgul's Spring sale...!

Nazgul's horde of treasure: eat your heart out, Smaug...

You know, it's not all sweetness and light running a castle. There are always bills to be paid, repairs to be made, oubliettes to be scoured and beggars to be turned away. Frankly, the upkeep of a monolith such as Castle Nazgul incurs frightening amounts of expenditure - only last week, Mrs Nazgul cocked an eyebrow disdainfully at the vaulted ceiling in the great hall as yet another piece of medieval plasterwork fell down upon the dining table in a gentle cloud of ancient dust, and the likely cost of renovating the moat keeps your uncle Nazgul awake long into the early morning hours...

Taking stock of the dire situation, one thing became clear - finances are much needed to ensure the castle monkey will not go hungry this coming summer, and that the fabric of this venerable pile will not collapse around our ears.

To this end, Nazgul has thrown open the doors of the library for a little early Spring cleaning. Within the vast piles of Hugin-related memorabilia the items shown above had been identified as ones that really could do with a good new home, being spares/duplicates/trades that Nazgul has amassed over the years. Many are mint condition, all are in good condition, and a full list is shown by project below.

Loyal readers of Honour and Darkness - this is a rare opportunity for you to lay your hands on such a treasure trove, many copies of which are almost impossible to find anywhere and came in very limited supply when first issued. Some items are more recent, yet still fall into the category of being in limited supply and hard to trace. Within the pile of goodies pictured are some collectible gems, and the chance to own them is yours...

Nazgul plans to sell the items in this manner: outrageous offers, early bird bids and a general free for all chance to own these great items will be entertained via email to for the period until the end of April 2011. At the end of April, all the offers will be considered and deals can be struck, leading to goods winging their way across the globe to happy new owners. This is an exclusive early chance for readers of this Blog to get their hands on these great items first!

Thereafter, the plan is to list whatever is left on eBay. Listings will be under my eBay id of tall_dai which, you will notice, has a positive feedback score of 8800+ so you know you can trust me on this one! However, the rare items are likely to sell privately first so if you want something in particular my suggestion is to email me rather than wait until May...

I will reserve the right to charge for recorded delivery for certain countries (most of South America, Mexico, Italy, Russia and others) due to unreliable postal services, and also for parcels of above average value.

So, enough of the administration, the list of items for sale is as follows:



Durst Nach Unsterblichtkeit (rare debut demo, ltd 100)


Uber das Prinzip der Unschuld (500 copies in gold digipak)

Morella (rare unique version of track in triangular packaging, ltd 66)


Bluthochzeit (rare 3 track 7" vinyl release from 2001, ltd 100)



Of Battles, Ravens & Fire (Depressive Illusions release, ltd 33)

Kampf (original Chanteloup Creations tape from 1999, ltd 300)


The Secret Fire (first edition pressing, ltd 1000)

Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est (collectible promo in plastic wallet)

Dead:Meat (collectible promo in plastic wallet)

The Long Grey Road (rare 3" release, ltd 20)



Solar Fire (commercially unreleased 1 track demo)

Tiefenrausch (specially packaged with magnets, cards and more, ltd 44)



Little Boy (rare Depressive Illusions version, ltd 33)

Anti-Genesis (very rare split tape with Saturn Form Essence in special packaging, ltd 9)


Weiss (split release with Miel Noir in A5 package, ltd 300)

War Poem (split release with Stirnir, ltd 23)

Split release with Rei Rea (sealed, ltd 70)

Damaged Sounds (split with Pope On Acid, ltd 21)

Rotation Zwei (superb compilation of tracks from super-rare releases)

Music For Catgirl Lovers #3 (rare split with Kaelteeinbruch in A4 packaging, ltd 20)



Woid & Geist (great demo, ltd 33)


Wolfsnacht (label master CDr disc with original tape inlay, #8/30, a mega-rare one-off!)



Eismond (debut demo, colour pressing on Depressive Illusions, ltd 99)


Der Gegner Ist Die Zeit (13 song compilation feat. Bonemachine & WACH, ltd 333)



Lebensende: Winter (ltd 33)

Barbarians - Orcish Battle Hymns Part II (AMF pressing with 5 bonus tracks)

Gil-Galad (Depressive Illusions colour version, ltd 100)

Dragon War (split with Bestia on Wulfrune Worxx, ltd 66)

Songs From The Woods (rare original pressing on EoLP, ltd 88)

Black Blood, White Hand (Depressive Illusions version with 2 bonus tracks, ltd 99)

Long Forgotten Tales (very rare demo, ltd 50)

Elves & Men (Depressive Illusions pressing with bonus track, ltd 200)

Gestalten, Berge & Walder (split with Walpurgis, ltd 33)

Nazgul (split with Vinterriket, ltd 400)

Elbentraum (ltd 55)

Darkness (original Chanteloup Creations demo, rare! ltd 300)

Elbenwald (original Elven Witchcraft/Beverina demo, ltd 500)


Quenta Silmarillion (very scarce original AMF Productions pressing from 2004)

Tawantinsuyu (digipak, ltd 1000)

The Battle (ltd 1000)

~2~ (split with Vinterriket, ltd 1000)

Elves & Men (rare 3" in special packaging, ltd 14)

Black Blood, White Hand (collectible promo in plastic wallet)


Schall & Rauch (rare CCP Records pressing, ltd 333)


Legacy Of The Tyrant (rare! Size L, ltd 10)

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