Wednesday, 16 February 2011

B-MACHINA > band logo t-shirt

Grey cotton t-shirt with the B-Machina logo
Edition: Only 1

The logo you see above - black on grey - is that of the industrial/acoustic project B-Machina, featuring both Hugin and Max. You all know what an XL sized grey t-shirt looks like so let us instead focus on that double-headed crest image, with gothic-style 'B' imposed in the centre. Nazgul rather likes it, and believe you me when striding the seedy streets in the village below Castle Nazgul he is very grateful that the shirt does not pronounce something capable of being misconstrued, like "Bonemachine" for example: that could cause all sorts of unintended misinterpretation in some parts around here...

This particular shirt was one of several that Hugin made available to Nazgul at the tail end of 2010 and is, as far as I am aware, a one-off design. Talk about taking the shirt off someone's back!

An impromptu audit of the Castle Nazgul wardrobes suggests that there are more Bonemachine/B-Machina shirts present than for any other of Hugin's projects, which is a fascinating if entirely pointless observation with which to draw this particular post to a end.

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