Saturday, 18 December 2010

SANGUIS - update

Title: Sanguis
Reason for update: Official tape version of this album
Format: Tape reissue in 2009 on Wulfrune Worxx (France), cat ref WW81, of the "Sanguis" CD released in 2008 on Beverina & W.A.R. Features the same four tracks as the CD release, itself based on the 1999 "Blut" demo. The tape is part of the label's "Remember CC" Series. Along with the inlay comes a colour business-sized card with contact details.
Edition: Only 44 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Pax Vobiscum 17:31
2. Libera Me 10:19
Side B
3. Silentium 10:46
4. Nosferat 09:09

One of the laws of physics states something on the lines that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". Correspondingly, one of the unwritten laws of the Hugin universe is that "for every CD release, there is an equal alternative tape release".

And here, in the case of the "Sanguis" release, is further roof of this very theory.

Sporting a black and white cover image that mirrors that found on the fold-out digipak CD version, this release contains the same 4 audio tracks as the aforesaid digital release, losing only the bonus video track (naturally) from its contents.

Full details of the review of this album can be found in the earlier post of 17 July 2009, where you may recall Nazgul's comments about the mastering/production techniques that rather overshadowed the music on offer. You may also recall that this is not actually the first time that "Sanguis" has actually appeared on tape, as a unique red-cased version (combining with the original "Blut" demo tracks) was most generously created for Nazgul by Hugin, and covered in these pages on 9 January 2010 and, for inexplicable reasons, failed to enter into the Top Ten Hrossharsgrani rarities post in May of this year!

Great to see Wulfrune Worxx in full flight again (this was, as you may know, the old Chanteloup Creations label that issued many of Hugin's early demos) and long may that relationship continue.

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