Tuesday, 14 December 2010

HROSSHARSGRANI > First official t-shirt

Item: The first official t-shirt made for the Horssharsgrani project in 1999. The item is a grey, single-sided, cotton shirt.
Edition: Only 1 made

Adding new items to a collection that already encompasses some pretty rare objects is becoming something of a challenge, but recently a splendid deal was struck which has seen a number of early and obscure t-shirts from some of Alex's projects finding their way to Castle Nazgul. Indeed, it must be said that Hugin was more than generous in finding a number of shirts to supplement the agreed number, and as a result Nazgul will be running another competition over Christmas week for the lucky winner to get their hands on a rare Uruk Hai shirt. More of that anon...

The article you see here is a one-off design - literally purchased off Hugin's back! - and represents the first ever Hrossharsgrani t-shirt design from 1999. Hugin himself voiced dissatisfaction with the final article as the lettering in the middle of the band name has inadvertantly been cut off at the top of the image, and clipped at the sides where the cross design is. Possibly as a result of this, the design never progressed beyond the mock-up stages, leaving just this one version in existence.

Nazgul rather suspects that with the exception of a few of Hugin's Austrian friends pre-Millennium, none of the rest of us would ever have seen or known of the existence of this shirt, so many thanks to Hugin once again for offering it to the world's foremost independent collection of all things Wieser!

The main design is unusual, given the Black Metal/Viking tendencies of the early Hross' demos - two mounted German soldiers circa WWII sporting gas masks! It look for all the world like an image copied from an early band demo, although Hugin assures me this is not the case and it was simply chosen as a design in its own right.

Alongside the blood-numbered 'Blut' t-shirt, is this the rarest Hrossharsgrani t-shirt in the world today? Quite possibly...

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