Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hexenreich sampler January 2010 [V/A]

Band: URUK HAI (amongst others)
Title: January 2010 free sampler (split across 3 labels: Hexenreich, Arhailised Helid, and Black Devastation Records)
Format: CDr with paper sleeve in plastic wallet. 14 songs from a variety of predominantly black metal bands (see second image) including Bestia, Urt, Simbioz, Realm of Carnivora and more.
Edition: unknown

Track Listing:
Various Black Metal and allied projects featured, the relevant track of which is:
12. Uruk Hai * Quenta Silmarillion Part I (sample) 10.06

Another year, another deal struck with Hexenreich Records in Estonia leading to another compilation disc having fallen into the Castle library sometime in early 2010. A previous compilation from the same label (also featuring Uruk Hai) was reviewed back on 15 August 2009 and this effort is very much in the same mould.

There are a number of fast and furious acts on board here, at least one of whom has recorded split releases with Uruk Hai before (being Bestia, appearing on the flip side of "Under The White Hands Flag" and "Dragon War" releases), and others of whom offer up wholly terrifying and innovative approaches to tearing ones throat to pieces in the pursuit of musical madness!

There is a certain amount of similarity in the pounding approach that many of the bands adopt, making the inclusion of this particular edited version of 'Quenta Silmarillion' rather an offbeat sort of choice to be honest. Even in edited form it runs for over 10 minutes (approximately twice the length of the other songs present) and it would be entirely possible to imagine that casual listeners might not instinctively take to the slow, measured, and relatively gentle approach of the song given what precedes (and follows) it.

Still, that's the beauty of a compilation - and a free one, at that - in as far as you get a chance to listen to stuff that you may well not encounter otherwise, and if you enjoy it then all to the good. Nazgul, for example, quite intrigued by fellow contributors Sojaruun, who manage to combine jazz saxophone with their black metal in an entirely unexpected manner. Not that you'd want a whole album of that sort of thing, you understand, but it was interesting while it lasted!

The original CDr release of "Quenta Silmarillion" was issued by the Bulgarian label AMF Productions back in 2004 (see blog post for 16 June 2009) and had long since been out of print. In 2010 the track - a massive 78 minutes on the original version - was reissued on 2 separate tapes in remastered version by Wulfrune Worxx, both in the Split Series and with the Hrefnesholt demos "Furchtelmandl" backing Part I, and 'Dunkelmoos' on Part II.

All of which is jolly interesting you may think, but what's that got to do with Hexenreich Records nabbing a bit of Part I for their compilation?! Well, as well as the Wulfrune reissues there was also a very limited tape pressed at Hexenreich with Part I on side 1 and - wait for it - Part II on side 2. This came in a colour inlay and will doubtless be appearing on a certain blog in the fullness of time!

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