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DARKNESS box-set

Title: Darkness I - V (box-set)
Format: 2010 box-set released by W.A.R. Productions in 2010, cat ref WAR BOX 002. As well as all of the five parts of the Darkness saga the box contains a myriad of items, as illustrated below. Each box is hand-numbered in gold on one of the side panels. Parts I - IV of "Darkness" have been released independently over time, but Part V is unique to this box-set. There is a DVDr in the box with all of the tracks contained on it.
Edition: Only 5 numbered copies created

Tape 1: Darkness (Part I - Darkness)
Tape 2: Darkness (Part II - The Darkness)
Tape 3: Darkness (Part III - Total Darkness)
Tape 4: Darkness (Part IV - The Last Ray Of Light)
Tape 5: Darkness (Part V - Between The Darkness And The Light)

As it's nearly Christmas and you've all been good girls and boys, kindly old Uncle Nazgul has left his high-backed leather chair in the castle library and has unwrapped an early present just for you: the "Darkness" box-set release from Hugin's own W.A.R. Productions label.

This is but a preview of the item, as to review what amounts to five separate albums within one post was a task that was evidently going to be rather ambitious to pull off. Consequently, Nazgul has decided that each tape will be covered individually in future posts.

Instead, Nazgul offers you a sneak preview of the Darkness series by lifting the lid on the contents of the box-set itself, which was released in 2010 in a tiny quantity of only 5 copies (this being #1/5). Packed with a surfeit of goodies, this is a high quality set but not one that came cheaply: purchase price of each of the 5 copies was around €55 when released. That they have now sold out is a testament to the loyal fan base that Hugin has built...

So, let us proceed on our journey through this most fascinating of Uruk Hai releases:

The Box

Dedication on the inside of the lid by Hugin

Side panel showing the edition number in gold (bottom left)

The Music

Tapes 1 through 5 in the Darkness series

The DVDr with all 5 parts on disc
The Contents:
Contained in a black envelope are Uruk Hai stickers, Petrified stickers (see below), and a Darkness card
The Darkness card reads:
"Samhain (November 1st): The Pagan new year, the most important of the Sabbats. The wheel has come full turn, signifying the end of the harvest that will ensure survival during the coming time of Darkness, winter. It is also at this time that the separation between the physical and the spiritual world is at its most tenuous, hence a time for paying homage to the spirits of our ancestors, who may walk among us"

Darkness card-disc
This vibrant blue card-disc contains a Darkness video clip, and 3 designs of Uruk Hai wallpaper. It's highly likely that this little item will have a post of its own in the months to come to show off some of these features!
'Petrified' cards x3 (front)

'Petrified' cards x 3 (reverse)
An additional - if apparently random - bonus item within the box-set are this set of three photocards (coming in a sealed black envelope) from renowned photographer/graphic designer Chris Huber (www.kunstgalerie.net.tc), known to Honour and Darkness followers for some of his past album artwork for bands such as WACH. These 3 pictures, each initialled on the reverse by Chris, are in a limited run of 50 copies and were released through the Beverina and War label.

A blackbird feather, black incense stick, and 3 acorns

Internal soft packaging, aka the Austrian black widow!

2 black wax candles

Boxes within boxes: 2 Bloodstones (black, of course) and a blacked out box of matches, for lighting one's candle to escape the dark...

Pumpkin seeds!
This last item is rather a nice personal touch, as the design on the front of said seed packet is that of the Uruk Hai pumpkin carved by Mrs Nazgul as part of Halloween festivities in 2009! See the Honour and Darkness post for 27 October 2009 for more details and photographs.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this festive treat, and will be looking forward to the 5 albums being covered in their own right later in 2011. If you are one of the other 4 lucky owners of this magnificent box-set and would like your views to be taken into account during these reviews, then Nazgul would be delighted to hear from you via the usual email address (see panel to the right).

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