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Item: Signed promotional card

Who's that shadowy figure on the left of this promotional card for C.O.I.'s "Der Rote Glanz Der Flammenfee" release? Why, it's none other than our Austrian hero Hugin, shaven of head and drum sticks in hand, floating in the midst of a rather spectacular nebula.

As you might have already guessed, Nazgul has been rummaging around again in those parts of the collection that hold the 'odd' stuff - the promos, the artwork, the photos, the flyers etc - that through one source or other have found their way to Castle Nazgul. It's been quite a while since Ceremony of Innocence featured on these virtual pages, however, so a timely reminder of their existence is probably due about now!

This particular signed card - bearing the legend, "With Fire-Power" - is unusual in as far as it is signed 'Alex' rather than 'Hugin', although of course C.O.I. is more of an Alex project than a Hugin project if you see what I mean.

The album that this promoted was, you may recall, the first part of a four-album concept based around the elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Released in 2008 in a limited edition of only 150 copies (see past post for 24 June 2009) the world has been waiting ever since for the next instalment in this quadrilogy. Mind you, it's not that you can accuse Hugin (or Alex!) for resting on his laurels and doing an Axl Rose (e.g. bugger all for indefinite periods) as the sheer number of releases over the last few years have been staggering in terms of quantity and quality.

There have been some excellent Ceremony Of Innocence releases in the past two years as past entries on Honour and Darkness will testify: nevertheless, Nazgul looks forward to the next part in this most intriguing of recent projects.

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