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Title: Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod
Format: A green 3"CDr with accompanying photo card inserts, all held inside a white envelope marked "Foghorn". This was the first release in the Foghorn Series from Apocalyptic Radio (Germany), cat ref fh01/AP029, in 2008. The original song was recorded at W.A.R. in September 2006.
Edition: 100 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:
01. Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod 17.37

This engaging little set was the most recent Bonemachine item to fall into Nazgul's clutches despite having been released nearly three years ago on as the first instalment in the 3"CDr 'Foghorn' series on the German Apocalyptic Radio label. It is in a limited edition of only 100 copies, making it a hard release to track down, but finally after some perseverance a copy eventually came light in Denmark. One of these days Nazgul will have to consider a blog entry correlating his collection to the various countries from which they were obtained...!

The Foghorn series, by the way, has featured in Honour and Darkness before: award yourself a gold star if you remembered that the "Acidhumanix" split release between Bonemachine and Kenji Siratori (fh06) was also part of this 3"CDr set in an edition of 50, which were individually numbered on the front of the envelope (see post of 6 March 2009). This Bonemachine example is not numbered, nor in fact was release fh02 from The Sounds of Earth (by our old friend, Chris Huber) so clearly the label decided to make the editions that little bit clearer as the series progressed.

Now, award yourself a second gold star if you can successfully name where this track has been heard before!? It took Nazgul only a few seconds to recognise the song when it started to play, although the name of the track eluded him for a while...until traced to the CDr/tape split release with JeFF that was covered in Honour and Darkness on 23 October 2009.

At that time, Nazgul commented of this song:

"The Bonemachine tracks too are very good - opening up with 'Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod' there is a short period of distant background noise before an industrial sound (reminiscent of the pumping 'heart' of a machine) kicks in, overlain with a truly memorable piano melody that is both oh-so-simple yet devastatingly effective and atmospheric at the same time. Once heard, never forgotten!"

And as this is the same version of the track, the comments would still apply! What wasn't mentioned in the original review is that in the final minutes of the piece the piano melody changes into a snippet of the haunting soundtrack from (I think) the original John Carpenter 'Halloween' film. The title loosely translates (I say loosely to mean that my German is poor) as something on the lines of 'bitter insights through near death experience', confirmed to a degree by the illustration of the 'white light in the tunnel' and angelic figures present on the title photo card.

As with many Bonemachine songs, putting into words what you are hearing with your ears is something of a difficult task. Suffice to say, were Nazgul putting together a representative Honour and Darkness compilation across all of Hugin's projects then this song would be high on the list of possible contenders for the Bonemachine contribution. An excellent track, sadly most probably lost to history even having appeared on two (fairly obscure) releases. After all, apart from kindly old Uncle Nazgul, how many of you out there can claim to have heard it for yourself...?

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