Friday, 24 December 2010


Item: Official t-shirt with 2 band logos, B-Machina and Rose Rovine E Amanti. to the left of the logo is written "Linz" (home of B-Machina) and to the right, "Roma" (home of Rose Rovine E Amanti). Single-sided colour design, on white cotton.
Edition: 5 copies

Something from the Castle wardrobe today - a rare t-shirt featuring the logos of both B-Machina (above) and Rose Rovine E Amanti, who you may recall recorded a rather nicely presented split release together in 2008, covered in Honour and Darkness on 23 January 2010.

To celebrate this acclaimed release a celebratory joint t-shirt was commissioned in a small run of 5 copies, one of which is proudly housed in Castle Nazgul. To recap briefly, Rose Rovine E Amanti (literally, Roses Ruins and Loving) is a musical project based in Rome, lead by Damiano Mercuri and aided by Noemi York Christian Valente and Giuseppe Lorenzoni.

The sound has changed through the years from pure neo-folk to a wider range of sounds, and the music is perhaps best described as a mixture of acoustic neofolk-rock with some bitter songwriting thrown in. The music is inspired by religious visions of the medieval Catholic Europa, to cabaret grotesque pieces, to human madness, all explored with an inner spiritual strength. Stylistically the band operates in similar territory to Sol Invictus, The Trees, Death In June and Jacques Brel's style, all reinforced with Mediterranean flair.

Hugin's project we know of yore, of course, from the bands early inception as Heimatleid through to the apocalyptic industrial-noise fest that was Bonemachine to the current era of flamenco-guitar tinged post-industrial B-Machina.

Whilst t-shirts for many of Hugin's bands don't exist in large numbers, there are a few around and it's interesting to note than amongst Nazgul's collection there are probably as many for Bonemachine/B-Machina as for any other band, including the ever-popular Uruk Hai.

A t-shirt to be seen and appreciated by absolutely no one at all save a select group of cognoscenti, Nazgul has worn this on a few occasions to general indifference and ignorance from the circle of people around him. The fools, the poor fools....

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