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Title: Metalstorm Survival Manual
Format: Tape-only release on the 2 Nervous Tongues label (USA), released in November 2009 (no catalogue reference). Quality colour paper inlay, with white panels on tape. This is a split release, with the alternate side being by thrashers Paganfire (Philippines).
Edition: unknown (see text)

Track Listing:

B-Machina side:
01. Schall & Rauch
02. Die 4 Dimension
03. Raserei
04. Endzeitensturm
05. Flucht Nach Vor
06. Erneuerung
07. Akustische Impression
08. Manifest Of Masturbation: Apokalypse In Slow Motion

Paganfire side:

09. Glorious Arson
10. Terminator
11. Sa Pagwawakas Ng Hinaharap
12. Merciless Death
13. To Hunt, To Kill, To Devour
14. Metal Thrashing Militants
15. Hate Vanishing Point
16. No Remorse
17. Mapangwasak

Today's Honour and Darkness post - an unassuming B-Machina tape release - is brought to you courtesy of the word 'odd'.

Odd, in as far as Hugin himself had forgotten all about the existence of this tape even though it's only about a year old, and stranger still given that this was Hugin's own copy that he had kindly let Nazgul get his sticky fingers on. As for the number of cassettes released - your guess is as good as anyone elses at this point!

Odd, in as far as the 2 Nervous Tongues label that released it seems to be the only label that has no internet presence whatsoever, and can only be contacted (so it would seem) via their P.O.Box address in Belleville, Illinois, USA. Oh - and 2 Nervous Tongues is a tape-only label (Nazgul can imagine the shudders this inspires in some of his readers, particularly in California!)

Odd, in as far as the label seems to specialise in bootleg recordings of bands like Celtic Frost, Watchtower, Pentagram and Paradise Lost, or in releasing obscure bands and artists like Willie Wardlaw. How B-Machina came to the attention of the label seems most mysterious...

Odd, in so far as the spine of the tape records this as a B-Machina release, whilst the inside of the inlay and the tape call this a Bone Machine album (the tracks do indeed date back to the older Bone Machine era).

Odd, in so much as the label itself describes the release using the word of the day in it's own promotional blurb: "17 song collection of this odd pairing of underground mayhem. Paganfire deliver us old influenced thrash/death metal that rages like it's 1984 once again. Bone Machine creates modern apocalypse using machinery and violence. This material is exclusive for 2 Nervous Tongues".

Odd, given that the B-Machina portion is certainly not exclusive to the label (Nazgul can't speak with any knowledge about the Paganfire half), having appeared in the same format on the tape version of the "Zeit" release (see post for 15 August 2009) with the exception of the last track, and in very similar format on the CD release of "Zeit" (18 March 2010) and on the Smell The Stench CDr pressing "Schwarzes Jerusalem" (7 April 2009). Certainly the last track 'Manifest Of Masturbation: Apokyalpse In Slow Motion' seems to be unique to this tape though, although it has to be said that the instrumental itself is a little, well, odd if you know what I mean...

So yes, it's an odd one all right. Strange, kooky, weird, unusual - well, you get the picture.

Now, musically this has effectively all been covered before in Nazgul's previous posts so there's probably little merit in repeating that again. Suffice to say, it's actually a rather good set of songs that really should have a wider audience than this, particularly the tracks 'Schall & Rauch' and 'Raserei'.

It's probably still possible to grab the "Schwarzes Jerusalem" CDr from Leigh Stench at STS in Australia, so I'd try there if you're even remotely interested in hearing for yourself what Nazgul is banging on about. Be aware though - Leigh's distro list is also a touch ... odd.

2 Nervous Tongues flyer for this split tape

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