Monday, 22 November 2010

MARCH TO WAR promotional card

Item: Signed promotional card for the very limited edition vinyl release "March To War"

One of the more anticipated highlights of 2010 for Nazgul was the release of the "March To War" vinyl album from Uruk Hai. This album - in a tiny pressing for the real die-hard collector, with a commensurately high price to match - had been on the band's dicography on Metal Archives for some time, and has only just been recently unleashed from W.A.R. in Austria. It will be covered in detail in a future post, as you might expect.

To raise levels of excitement amongst the masses (well, those of you who missed the clamour a few months ago when the project was finally realised), here is the oversized card that was issued to promote the album. Not that you'd have much of a chance of grabbing one now mind you, as so few were pressed when it was released it was sold-out with pre-orders before being issued Nazgul would imagine?!

An excellent piece of fantasy artwork adorns the front of this card (in rather striking blue hues), whilst the reverse side is significantly more sombre. Hugin has very kindly sent Nazgul a few of these cards, including a signed and dedicated one as shown above.

Another little gem from the ever-expanding Hugin museum...!

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