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An Interview with ... Sabbathid Records

It's been a while since Nazgul has posted an interview piece on Honour and Darkness, so for your interest and as a diversion from the norm here is a brief interview with the owner of Sabbathid Records. This label has been one of the many to assist Hugin in releasing his art unto the world, and as such deserves our attention and respect.

Check out the label for yourself at

Q1. Hello and welcome to Honour and Darkness!
A1. Hello Nazgul. Glad you are interested in interviewing me.

Q2. Can you tell us a little about your label: the philosophy or mission behind Sabbathid Records?
A2. To gather all kinds of dark & blackened music to pollute our world.

Q3. How successfully do you believe the label has established itself in the scene?
A3. It's a tough question - I don't think my label has sufficiently established its identity.

Q4. I believe you have (to date) issued 3 Bonemachine releases and 1 by Elisabetha, both projects of Alex "Hugin" Weiser: can you tell us when you first came into contact with Hugin and how you came to know each other?
A4. I remember that it was when Hugin consulted me on the possibility of the release of "Bombardements" that we came to know each other. I don't know how he came to know about my label...he might well have seen my flyer or previous releases.

Sabbathid Records releases of Hugin's music to date, Nov 2010

Q5. How did you reach a decision to release the first of these recordings, Bonemachine's "Bombardements"?
A5. It was very simple; he sent me a sample disc and I liked it!

Q6. Do you decide to release material because you like it, or because you feel you can sell it?!
A6. The decision-making process of underground labels would be tangled. It's true that most UG labels won't release something ONLY because will sell well, but in reality, they need to maintain their activities. Thus it would be too idealistic to imagine that UG labels can always release materials without ANY thought of profit.

Q7. Can you tell us what has been the best-selling Hugin recording to date on Sabbathid?
A7. Actually I don't count the number of sales of each release accurately, but I think "Crypt Child" has been the best-selling.

Q8. Could prospective customers still buy these releases from you, or are some sold-out now?
A8. Yes, all titles that Hugin concerned are still available. [Nazgul notes: get buying folks!!]

Q9. In terms of artwork design, is this decided by the label or the artist?
A9. It's on a case by case basis. Some artists make all design by themselves, others leave it to me. Of course, even in the first case I provide comments if there is something I don't like.

Q10. Similarly, in terms of the numbers of copies for each release who decides the edition (for example, 99 copies in the case of Crypt Child)?
A10. It's also on a case by case basis, but usually I try to defer to artists' wishes.

Q11. Do you have a personal favourite amongst Hugin's releases that Sabbathid have promoted?
A11. Well, if I dare to choose one, "Erste Rotation (eine Retrospektive von Krieg und Zeit)" is my favourite. It successfully shows Hugin's deep insight into music.

Q12. Do you follow any of Hugin's other projects and/or his Bonemachine/Elisabetha releases on other labels? If yes, what are your favourite releases?
A12. Yes, I had known about Uruk Hai before he contacted me. Though I can't afford to follow all releases (too many releases to keep up!), my favourite is the split tape with Symbiosis in which he collaborated with Hildr Valkyrie. I also like "Nosferat" tape by Elisabetha.

Q13. Do you have any message for Hugin himself that you would like to convey through Honour and Darkness?
A13. Long time no talk... Glad to know that you have such a good supporter as Honour and Darkness.

Q14. Do you have any message for the readers of Honour and Darkness themselves?
A14. Stay in darkness and desolation with your nerves strained as fuck.# Thanks for your time and good luck with your future endeavours. Thank you for the interview. In deference to your efforts.

Nazgul thanks Kohei of Sabbathid for his time and endeavours in answering these questions

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