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Hrossharsgrani interview in Alu Zine

Item: A cover feature and interview with Hrossharsgrani Alu Zine #3.

Mexican fan 'zine Alu Zine published this cover story and feature interview with Hugin's Hrossharsgrani project some years ago, and a copy of said 'zine was kindly supplied for the Castle library by Hugin himself in a recent shipment from darkest Austria in order to preserve the interview for posterity.

Written in Spanish, Nazgul thanks Tanya for her efforts in translating the interview into English, the content of which you can read below in 'warts 'n all' format. The original comments made by Miguel (the Alu Zine editor) are shown as in with Hugin's responses.

"It’s a real honour for me to introduce you on these pages a very interesting project, with a very weird name but also with a very strange mysticism that will capture your attention immediately: HROSSHARSGRANI. Behind this name is Hugin, a lonesome warrior to the service of ODIN. Without further ado, I’ll let you enjoy this interview, which will help us all to expand our knowledge about some of the ancient and pagan cultures in Europe.

1. Hugin, please could you tell us where the idea to create this project came from?

Firstly, I’d like to thank you, Miguel, for giving us the opportunity of doing this interview. And also for the space that you have given to my project “HROSSHARSGRANI” in your zine. This is a project created in total solitude by myself, “Hugin”; it took shape in the winter of 98. I was basically looking for a project that would relate to old legends and tales of the Vikings, based from the powerful books of J.R.R. Tolkien, “Lord of the Rings”. HROSSHARSGRANI was created then as a mix of Metal, battles and sound effects that bring the glory of our past back.

2. HROSSHARSGRANI is an unusual name, what’s its exact meaning?

HROSSHARSGRANI is one of the hidden names of the one and only God, the God Father himself, “ODIN”.

3. How would you describe your style?

Black, Ambient, Battle, Pagan, Viking, Asgard Metal, or God knows what other styles… you will never be able to describe it.

4. Besides your CD “Ancient Tales”, what other records do you have?

I’ve got my first demo CD “Des Ptad Zum Torder Toten” which is Black Atmospheric Metal. Afterwards, there was a rehearsal tape “Lieder Aus Mittelerde”, which came under the production and distribution of the German label “Irrlichter Rec.” This was followed by “Tolkien Black Metal”, my third work was the demo CD “Ancient Tales” (a brilliant journey back to the glorious times where men, gods and battles merged, Viking Black Metal), I like to describe it in this way. Shortly, one of my friends will publish an old material of mine, under the management of the French label “Chanteloup Creations”. The name of this tape is “Der Ring Der Macht”, which is the continuation of the demo “Lieder Aus Mittelarde”.

5. Specifically talking about “Ancient Tales”, do the lyrics have something special to say? Is this a concept album?

Yes, it’s a concept album indeed. It was recorded in Feb 2000, under my own label W.A.R. The story of this album tells us about THOR, MJOLNIR, HEL, ODIN and other Nordic collection of tales and legends. Some of its samples are used in movies such as Conan, Excalibur, Braveheart (my favourite film!, ED). Battle batteries and frozen guitars are the base of this heroic tale.

6. Is HROSSHARSGRANI a band with the typical Black Metal image? (use of make up, inverted crosses, etc)? Can you tell us your personal opinion about the image and marketing strategies of bands such as Cradle of Filth?

No corpse-paint or nothing of the kind. My thing is only ancient armour symbols, like: swords, axes and helmets. Bands like the one you mentioned and Dimmu Borgir are a total RIP-OFF. Their fans are all fuckers and must die.

7. What pagan bands from your own country would you recommend?

There are lots of great pagan bands here, for example: RIVENDELL, MIDWINTER, GRIMTORN’S FOREST and the powerful SUMMONING (Hail! to you).

8. What’s the label of your new CD “…Of Battles, Ravens and Fire”? Is it an independent recording company?

All of my work (tapes and CDs) is recorded in my own studio W.A.R., but my new CD was made in a professional studio in Austria, C.C.P. REC. This studio and I participate in the distribution of the CD together.

9. What are your ideological beliefs?

I believe in the HEATHENDOME (Paganism), in ancient gods, ancestral rituals and my motherland.

10. Do you think that when playing your CD one can experiment the feeling of living in or travelling back in time to the pagan and Viking past of old Europe?

Exactly. Listening to HROSSHARSGRANI music is like going back to the past. It’s the time where the horror of the politics, contaminated rivers, deforestation and destruction does not exist. These are times where only hope and glory co-exist!!! (Hugin speaks with truth here. I had the fortune of listening to this CD and, if you play it out loud, you will definitely feel you’re travelling to forgotten and longed-for ancient times; so in the meantime, keep that wishful thought and at the first opportunity contact Hugin so you too can get it!, ED).

11. Would you like to have lived in this historical era where you could go to battle with enormous swords, wear a helmet with horns; have a shield and a muscular body? Do you like this image?

Yeah!! I want to become a great conqueror next to ODINS’ side, crossing the oceans, climbing big mountains, fighting with my own swords and axes, waving THOR’s hammer… Hey, one can only dream!!!

12. Is it possible to make music that manifests the honour and pride of ancient cultures or mythologies?

You just need to listen to BATHORY, GRAVELAND, FALKENBACH. They bring us music with honour and pride. I hope HROSSHARSGRANI can do the same.

13. Is there racism in your country now? What do you think about racism?

People in my country people are not stupid, actually. But those black sheep are everywhere, really. Each living thing in this planet (and others) has the right to do and live however it pleases. HROSSHARSGRANI is neither a political or racist music. It is, certainly, not a religious one. It is not a fucking intolerant band (or project for that matter). Music was made to make friends all over the world and not to kill anyone or any race. We can all learn from different races and cultures. (I totally agree with you, my friend. ED).

14. Can you tell us about your plans?

At the beginning of 2001 I have planned to launch the first part of a triple CD, with a concept taken from “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. This material will go live in C.C.P. REC. in a very, very epic way.

15. Thanks for taking part of this interview. Is there anything that you would like to add for Latin people?

Pagan hordes around the world, Hailed to Karl, Claus, Brudercle, Eva, Cedric, Occulta Mors, Pepo, Warne, Thomas and all my friends. May all the ancient gods be with you. HAIL * KILL."

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