Thursday, 4 November 2010

Depressive Illusions promo sampler #1 [V/A]

Band: HROSSHARSGRANI (amongst others)
Title: Depressive Illusions promo sampler #1
Format: A free online download via the Depressive Illusions label (Ukraine)
Edition: Unlimited (although see text below)

Track Listing:
01. HER SUFFERING (Mar) - Ocean of white silent tombs
02. FAULEN (Ger) - Herbstregen Part I
03. DESOLATION (Usa)- The Martyr (Completed Version)
04. BEYOND LIFE (Pol)- Life
05. BEGOTTEN (Ukr) - On the field a wind
HROSSHARSGRANI (Aut)- March & Fight
07. LYCANTHROPY (Rus) - Волчья Суть
08. NUTR (Egy) - Payment Is Due
09. OF FALLEN CROSSES (Usa)- The Fifth Arm
10. SKOV (Usa)- In Moonlight's Stare
11. SVARTNAD (Swe) - Vinterriket
12. WALPURGI (Aut) - Bergerhof
13. WINTER DEPRESSION (Ukr)- На Зруб Дол

The Depressive Illusions label has fast risen to become a force to be reckoned with on the underground scene, with an impressive array of recent releases - including material from Hrossharsgrani, Uruk Hai and Bonemachine - and an equally impressive distro list featuring all manner of hard to find and obscure releases, including perhaps the most complete list of Moloch titles you're likely to find anywhere for sale in one place.

But Nazgul digresses. Buoyed by the success of the fledgling label so far, this free compilation album was offered via the website ( and includes at track 6 an offering from Hrossharsgrani, hence the inclusion in the ever-growing catalogue of Hugin's vast output that is Honour and Darkness!

The 'March and Fight' track may sound familiar to you, and if so it is because it recently featured in the 14 August 2010 post concerning the recent reissues of Hross' "...Of Battles, Ravens & Fire" album on a number of tape formats through Wulfrune Worxx and Depressive Illusions. A gold star if you have correctly anticipated that the song was one of the bonus tracks on the Depressive re-release of that particular tape!

Of the other bands featured - and it's quite the international spread of artists on offer - only a few are known to Nazgul. Of note is the presence of Austrian band Walpurgi, whose split release with Uruk Hai is overdue for a post and so should be coming your way soon...

In checking the link to the download this morning, Nazgul sadly has to report that the MySpace page suggests that the link has been terminated for reasons of internet security. Not entirely sure what that is all about, or if the download will resurface elsewhere in time, but why not drop by the Depressive Illusions site for a spot of light shopping and whilst you're there ask the nice folk how you might lay your hands on this worthy compilation? And don't forget to say that Uncle Nazgul sent you!

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