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Band: BONEMACHINE with Kenji Siratori
Title: Crypt Child
Format: 3"CDr release in mini jewel-case on the Sabbathid Productions label (Japan) in 2007, catalogue reference hoof036. The release comes with a four-sided colour inlay whilst the CDr itself is a plain white 3-inch disc.
Edition: Limited to 99 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:

01. Crypt Child 20:53

Another day, another obscure Bonemachine release to ponder! This 3"CDr is another collaborative effort with cyper-punk artist Kenji Siratori, following in the footsteps (or should that be hoof-steps?) of previous efforts Acidhumanix and D.N.A. (see posts for 6 March and 27 June 2009 respectively). The occasional Bonemachine track recorded with this Japanese artist has appeared from time to time, although long-time readers may also recall the controversy that surrounded an apparent group of bootleg recordings made by Kenji's Hyper Modern label (see post for 1 August 2009 for details) that falsely claimed to have used B-Machina music in their recordings. That was a bit of an odd case, and perhaps the less said about it the better!

The artwork on this release is somewhat untypical of Hugin's releases - the reverse of the inner cover showing a bound lady in bdsm fetishist pose! Still, we get a good shot of Hugin screaming his lungs out on the inside pages, and a rather cryptic (ha!) cover with that good old fashioned Bonemachine logo on the front.

Now, it has to be said that in the past Nazgul has found these collaborative recordings a bit of a struggle to get through: I didn't (and still don't) really 'get' "Acidhumanix", and whilst "D.N.A" was a better release to these ears it would be a lie to claim that it receives a regular airing on the Castle death-deck. Come to think of it, that release also had a bootleg CDr pressing through Hyper Modern...but we said we weren't going there, so let's put that one to rest too!

One of the difficulties for Nazgul with this particular recording is the lyrical contribution from Kenji, which is done again what some have called the Gabba style. For the uninitiated, this is essentially a language of non-sequiturs and interchangeable cyber-speak of pseudo-scientific nonsense . Not to be confused of course with the band Gabba, the London-based disco sensations who perform Abba standards in the style of the Ramones - a far more palatable concept! For a sample extract of the lyrics behind "Crypt Child", which are helpfully printed on the inside of the inlay, have a read through the following prose and make up your own mind about them:

"NO-SEX: the chromosome=lobotomy of the gimmick girl that the yellow sun goes across the reproduction area of the brain of an artificial ant murders the body universe that ADAM doll was camouflage....the machine line of the strategy of the blue speed virus of the drug embryo that the placenta world of the end clone: the protein group of dustNirverna: the machine of yourself explodes. Although road the future tissue: cyber dog of that does the interference of cyberBuddha crimeMurder town of the soul-machine:the four nerves of RANDOM myself of the cyber of that dog fuck with the soul-machines of the cosmic worldly desires machine:....artifitial life=bodies, parasitism of the clone boys that are cut and started reverse=evolutionThe murder machine of the mind of myself:] grieve over [and last term] [FUCKNAM] [secret] [space] [apoptosis] [ADAM doll. The sun fuses....the cell of myself insulates....form....uterus-machine of monochrome earth=clonical love goes to war: the pill state vital (=I record the graviton=number of the nightmare that the placenta world crunched of the ADAM doll).The wolf=space of genes.:DNA! The TV screen disappears....ant of planetary large amount 'ADAM' of cosmic internal organ=of which our body makes emptiness=the ground was respiring all of the visions like TOKAGE now"s-k-i-n-e-a-t": the brain of myself rapes the machine of yourself....the ruin of the sun murders the ADAM doll type of the spiral. The gimmick placenta*invasion of universe LOAD TOKAGE. Impossible: a chromosome the soul-machine of the intelligence quotient machinative angel of different=vital state*cyber dog of the ADAM doll that committed inorganic substance murder the escape synapse of of the drug embryo: the analysis cries out the blue of the sky and short. Suicide VTR of clone boys reproduces to the night sky of the desert any longer the grief of myself dose not exist. The artificial sunThe DNA=channelThe emotional particle that the soul-machine of biohazard yourselfthat the psycho-thriller of TOKAGE....the body without the desire of the fruit....artificial ant that went mad so shooting battle, of clone-skin crunch quiesce accelerates by the meditation of the gravity of the cadaver city.The sole worldly desires machine of outer space!Or the apoptosis universe of the grief=body! STOP FUCKNAM soul-machine....: [hybrid VTR of gene war*TOKAGEIt reached to the chromosome of the ant pattern of cyberBuddha(The DNA=channel of the artificial sun)"

The problem is that without a basis of sense or meaning to build on the lyrics become pointless and unlistenable after a very short time. How fortunate it is, therefore, that the vocal part of this release is mixed pretty far down in the overall sound! Sadly, however, the musical portion of the piece doesn't really bear too much detailed scrutiny: designed (one presumes) to essentially be the backing rhythm to the song and thus not to pull the listener's focus away from the lyrics, the music is a simple set of synthesised percussive beats in essence, containing some sounds of interest but nothing that will make you leap out of your seat and hit the 'repeat' button once the song finishes.

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