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Band: BONEMACHINE (amongst others on this Flutwacht release)
Title: Secondface
Format: This CD was released by Flutwacht on the Tourette Tapes label (Germany) in 2008, catalogue reference tt09. It compiles various remixes of the Flutwacht track "Secondface" by other projects, including Bonemachine.
Edition: Standard CD (featured) is limited to 222 unnumbered copies. A more limited 2CD version is also available (Update: Alex has just informed me that there were 70 copies of this verson)

Track Listing:

01 Secondface (Flutwacht & Xedh)
02 The Virgin Springs (Flutwacht & Matamore)
03 Showy Atmosphere (Flutwacht & Contagious Orgasm)
04 Secondface (Flutwacht & Objekt / Urian)
05 Secondface (Flutwacht & Vincenzo Bossi)
06 Secondface (Flutwacht & Antracot)
07 Secondface (Flutwacht & TZII)
08 Secondface Bonermx (Flutwacht & Bonemachine) 8.11
09 Secondface (Flutwacht & Synomorph)
10 Terg Destroys Secondface (Flutwacht & Terg)
11 Amputation Fraction (Flutwacht & Hyeno) - bonus track

Tourette Tapes is a side-label by Apocalyptic Radio, who long-time readers of Honour and Darkness may recall issued the Foghorn series of 3"CDr that featured the Bonemachine/Kenji Siratori release "Acidhumanix". Tourette Tapes focus on experimental electronic music from harsh industrial to dark ambient and this 2008 release serves as a semi-tribute album to Flutwacht, the acclaimed project of the label owner. Flutwacht is a German project with a vast discography already, on such labels as Smell the Stench or Steinklang Industries.

The rarer 2CD version of this release contains on disc 2 the full-length original 'Secondface' recording by Flutwacht - all 79 minutes plus of it - whilst this, the standard single disc pressing, makes do with just the remixes offered from a variety of bands associated with the ambient/industrial genres. The original release of 'Secondface' came on CDr limited to only 50 copies, so the concept of putting the original track on a second disc makes a lot of sense.

This record presents several re-works and expropriations of the 'Secondface' track, and it is surprisingly diverse and interesting, as all collaborations have a distinctive mark and manage to create powerful and obscured images, slowly nostalgic at times, others abrupt, harsh and painful. There is much coverage of the album online, so here are a few of the comments that other sites make on the piece as a whole. Firstly, Vital Weekly:

"With Flutwacht being a creator of sonic darkness the overall atmosphere is nocturnal and intense. The expressions range from dark ambient (i.e. Xedh) across deep drones (i.e. Contagious Orgasm and TZII) and ritual moments (i.e. Bonemachine and Objekt / Urian) to extreme sound spheres of Harsh Noise (i.e. Antracot, Synomorph and Terg). Despite a few moments of rhythm textures, the compilation is dominated by ambient expressions with a flow that works very well indeed and thus keeps the listener glued from beginning to the end. Intense work!"

And here's a typically thorough review from Heathen Harvest:

"The first track relies on the infinity of detail, breeding subtle cracking and microscopical suffering along its quietude and paradoxical agony. Then, the collaboration with Matamore invokes deep throat-cutting creatures in darkened ambient psychosis, deforming infected hypnosis and hidden atmospheres of boiling electronics at intolerable temperatures and long delayed pain to serve cold. The track with Contagious Orgasm is savage and bitter, bringing uncomfortable images of forgotten homelands and rituals torn apart by wolf fangs and insect claws, no return, only that onward to the grave, following a funereal violin enchantment. The following track is perhaps the less interesting of all, with a raw and powerful rhythmic industrial that relies too much on the insistence on this singular idea, avoiding to explore other possibilities and layers, and becoming monotonous after a while.

The fifth cooperation is a haunting one, with pulsating crescendos of oppressive atmospheres, descending into an abyss of distance and gigantic weight, burning all demons buried in blood. Then a quiet, suspenseful track, interrupted regularly by explosions of murder electronics infiltrating through black seas levitation, revolving across frozen loops and nocturnal owls. Another sickened effort following this one, a serene atmosphere that is inhabited by deeply disturbing vocals, as if interstellar homicides would rebuild satanic wounds, black candles and acolytes offering warm blood to the gods of space.

Bonemachine and Flutwacht summon an obsessive track, of rigid bodies and cold breath aftermaths. It is followed by a more chaotic and aggressive approach, raw and vicious, sounding both unpleasant and rigid, secure. 'Terg destroys Secondface' is as expected and holocaust of feedback and machined dysfunctions into an ultimate ejaculation of chaos. The record ends with a more rhythmic, soft, musical approach, yet the damage has been done.

Surprisingly varied and intense, this may be not only be an item for completists but also a good introduction to Flutwacht or any of the projects involved."

Currently unique to this release, you'd need to be a Bonemachine die-hard completist to buy this compilation for just the one track, but hey - that's what being a fan and a collector is all about, isn't it?!

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