Saturday, 23 October 2010

NORDWAND promo picture

Band: WACH
Promotional photograph for the forthcoming "Nordwand" release

Back on 28 March 2009 Nazgul ran a piece the "Firedance on a Dead Man's Grave" CD from WACH, in which it was noted in a short interview with enigmatic band member Reverend Kim that WACH "had finished an 18 minute long track called "Nordwand" which should have been released already, but due the lack of a label nothing has ever happened"

An update: Herr Insomnia (the other half of the project) tells Nazgul that "Nordwand" should be released in late 2010 or early 2011 on the Aphelion Productions label, and will feature "two of the best WACH tracks" together with a bonus video clip.

The cover of the forthcoming release will feature work by the renowned artist Chris Huber, which reminded Nazgul that this signed promo picture from 2007 also by Chris was lurking in his collection and would benefit from a wider airing! So here it is for your WACH-related enjoyment. You may have seen some of Chris' art on other CD releases and compilations featured in this Blog (including the Theremin Noise Club release of "der Gegner ist die Zeit"), and you can see more of Chris' work at where his cover art for bands including Flutwacht, Atrox and The Sounds of Earth as well as Hrossharsgrani, B-Machina and WACH are shown.

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