Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Item: Original template for the bonus 3"CDr "Lesungen zum Prinzip der Unschuld" that accompanied the limited edition (25 copies) of the 2007 digipak release "Über das Prinzip der Unschuld"

From the file marked "miscellaneous Elisabetha items" comes this white paper template, which formed the original design for the sleeve to the bonus 3"CDr "Lesungen zum Prinzip der Unschuld". This track was a 22:49 epic that came with the first 25 copies of the "Über das Prinzip der Unschuld" release from the Beverina label in 2007, previously covered in Honour and Darkness way back on 13 March 2009.

As you'll be aware by now, Nazgul has the occasional habit of dipping into the miscellany of interesting items that Hugin is prone to include in parcels between W.A.R. and Castle Nazgul, and this particular piece came to the surface this time around.

The sleeve is an ingenious fold-out design, constructed in cunning fashion to form a square booklet once assembled correctly. Whilst the cover illustration appears to bear all the hallmarks of a Neon Ästhet design (a voluptuous naked lady!) the credit must actually go to Juris Silders of the Latvian-based Beverina label for the illustration. The final item came in a parchment-like colour, hand-numbered and superbly finished with the title across the base of the design.

In putting this short post together, Nazgul had a quick search around online to see if any of the 25 limited edition versions of this album could still be found. Only 2 were identified (which, when you consider the album has been around for 3 years is still probably more than one might expect to find), both for sale via the Beverina web-site ( This makes sense, given that the limited edition was only available from the label directly, but be prepared to put your hand in your pocket to purchase a copy now: from the original 2007 price of 16 Euros the item is now retailing for a more wallet-withering 30 Euros per copy.

Yet another small piece of history from the Hugin museum, located high on the hill overlooking the eldrich graveyard below...

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