Sunday, 17 October 2010

Forthcoming Uruk Hai releases on Wulfrune Worxx

Regular readers of Honour & Darkness will know that the items covered in these missives are drawn from Nazgul's own collection and - as a result - may not always be available for general sale to the wider public having been sold-out long ago in some cases.

Fear not!

The flyer below shows a batch of forthcoming Uruk Hai tape releases to be issued by the Wulfrune Worxx label, run by our old friend and long-time supporter of Hugin's many projects, Skogen.

Frankly, you should all be raiding your piggy banks now in order to gather the few Euros required to purchase some (or all) of these fine releases, which in time honoured tradition of the underground will only be available in a limited edition run, so don't delay.

Click on the photo for more details of these awesome-looking tapes, and then contact either Uruk Hai ( or Wulfrune Worxx ( directly to order your copies.

These guys are the the pure spirit of the underground, they live and breath the music that Nazgul writes about and that you listen to. Without Skogen's support both in years past and now Hugin's music may not have reached your ears at all: without Hugin, our lives would be a far sadder and far less enriched place. Support them - Nazgul commands thee!!

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