Monday, 20 September 2010

The Nebula Dawn

Band: URUK HAI (amongst others)
Item: DVD released in 2006 featuring the film "The Nebula Dawn"

Cast your eye back to the Honour and Darkness review of Bonemachine's "Schwarzes Jerusalem" release on 7 April 2009 and you will note that the final track, 'Akustische Impressionen der Letzten Großen Schlacht', was credited as being recorded as an extra track for the film "The Nebula Dawn." Not exactly a box office smash, this was an independent film from - of all places - Luxembourg, and touched on some complicated saga of a group of paranormal researchers trekking off into the woods to solve a mystery that came their way anonymously via a video tape left in the mail.

Hugin kindly made a copy of this film available to Nazgul a while ago - being that the collection of his work in the Castle library knows no bounds, it seemed a fair bet to add to the ever-growing collection of items that makes up the Hugin-museum. After all, has our hero's music appeared on any other film soundtracks...?

Now, in terms of plot you'll have to excuse Uncle Nazgul, as the native Lëtzebuergesch spoken here is not his normal tongue, and the general standard of acting and 'special effects' (used in the loosest sense of the expression) rather detracted from keeping pace with what was supposed to be going on. Hey, it's a low-budget foreign-language indie rather than a Hollywood blockbuster, so as you might imagine things are a little 'amateur' from time to time and Nazgul's tiny mind can't keep up.

However, credit where it's due to Producer Yves Steichen, who uses a full-on soundtrack of ambient and folk metal to paper over the cracks and generally create a sense of feverish activity and intrigue even when the bewildering plot twists suggest otherwise. The soundtrack to this album features contributions from a range of German, Swiss and Austrian bands including 13th Monkey, Atomtrakt, Forest of Fog, Grabnebelfürsten, Hollenthon, KiFw, Uruk Hai and Vinterriket. Other sound samples in the score were contributed by no less a hand than of Alex Wieser himself.

On offer, for the keen Uruk Hai fan, are snippets of the following tracks:

  • 'Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun' - from "A Dark Force Shines Golden" (released 2008)
  • 'Dark' - originally 'Dark (Are The Fires of Mordor)' from "Enslaved In Evil Darkness", 2005
  • 'Lay of Leithian' - from the "Lothlorien" album, 2006
  • 'Nebula War' track - presumed to be unique to this release
  • 'Underneath The Stars' - also from the "Enslaved In Evil Darkness", 2005
  • 'Enter Mordor' - also from the "Lothlorien" album, 2006

The Bonemachine song, as recorded for "Schwarzes Jerusalem", does not feature in the soundtrack to the main film (although elements of it may possibly recur in the 'Nebula War' and incidental sound samples used).

There is precious little about this film to be discovered online (although there is still a web-page for the production company at where you can find out more), and to be honest it's not a film that will be high on the list of those to see again in Castle Nazgul. That said, the musical score certainly makes the visuals more bearable and top marks go to both Uruk Hai and Vinterriket for pulling that feat off!

One for the file marked 'For Collectors Only'!

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