Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Nazgul's Autumn Quiz

For the next couple of weeks Nazgul will be sunning himself in the balmy heat of South Africa, so he trusts that you will excuse the lack of updates to Honour and Darkness in that time. To keep his honoured readers engaged during this break, however, a fiendish picture quiz has been devised for your edification. The pictures shown below have been extracted from the artwork to some of Hugin's releases, and all you need to do is to identify both the band and the release from whence they came.

The pictures are shown in an approximate order of difficulty, ranging from Easy - Medium - Hard - Masterclass! As a helpful hint, there are no photos drawn from posters, t-shirts, flyers or other miscellanea. They come only from CD/CDr/tape/vinyl releases that have already been covered on Honour & Darkness, although the extract used may be from any part of that album that has been illustrated on the Blog pages (e.g. front inlay, rear tray inlay, CD, etc).

In fairness, Nazgul has only used those parts of the artwork already displayed in a photo accompanying a previous post so you don't have to own the item to identify the image, although you will need to browse past posts to find it. It's a bit of fun really, but should you think you have correctly identified all of the bands and the releases then feel free to drop Nazgul a line at tall_dai@ntlworld.com with your answer.

A prize may well be on offer to reward the first correct answer (or the best answer of the lot, should no one correctly identify them all), and it will be drawn at random from Nazgul's Halloween pumpkin. The answers will be posted on the 'Castle Noticeboard' sometime after October 18th (so send your entries prior to this date!), along with the details of the winning entrant - should there be one....?

So Nazgul's challenge is set - which of you will triumph...!?

"Easy" ... or are they?















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