Saturday, 18 September 2010

IN DURIN'S HALLS - artwork update

Title: In Durin's Halls
Reason for update: The original template of artwork for the first release of this demo in 1999

This may not be the only post with an update for "In Durin's Halls" coming your way in 2010, as Nazgul learns that moves are afoot at W.A.R. to re-release a remastered version of this original Uruk Hai demo on CD. Exciting times ahead, my friends. You might want to start forming an orderly line now to send your pre-orders to Hugin in deepest Austria...

In the meantime, however, a trawl through the artwork file reveals this interesting item - the template for the inlay to the original tape of the debut Uruk Hai demo, released way back when in 1999.

The original tape was limited to just 33 copies, as you'll see from the blank edition number printed on the inlay. All of the silver lettering is hand-drawn, and the actual tape number was added in gold marker pen thereafter. The full review of this demo can be found back on 10 March 2009.

What is interesting is the fact that the cover illustration (of trees and lake) is an actual photograph, cropped to be the right size and then glued onto the paper template. The inlays in the released version were colour photo-copies of this template, of course. It hadn't really occurred to Nazgul, until seeing this original work in progress, that the piece was constructed in this manner. Using the silver marker on the glossy photo must have been a painstaking process, incidentally, not to have smudged the logos...

Also of note - shown in the top photo of the unfolded template - is the far right hand side typed panel, showing Hugin's address and details citing "Hrossharsgrani (Pagan Viking Metal)". Ooops! This panel was neatly chopped away from the final photocopied versions (or at least it is on Nazgul's copy, #31) for bearing the right address but wrong band details! Readers of the Blog will recall, however, that Uruk Hai sprang from Hrossharsgrani via the "Uruk Hai" demo, and with "In Durin's Halls" I suspect that an old Hross' paper template was cannibalised to form this inlay without the offending details being detected until too late!?

A nice piece of history, in any event, and the last photo (below) shows the Nazgul's copy of the demo next to the template itself.

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