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Title: In The Dark Room (Volume 1)
Format: Free internet download from the Darkroom Productions online magazine, released on 16 July 2008 (cat ref DP001)
Edition: Unlimited

Track Listing:
01. YENDRI "I’m Your Angel"
02. BABYLONIA "The Remains (Of A Day)"
03. MAYA NADIR "Origin (Medit)"
04. ATTRITION "Dante’s Kitchen (Skinflick remix)"
05. SPECTRA*PARIS "Spectra Murder Show (embryo version)"
06. SEVERE ILLUSION "Only Pilots Change The World (Again)"
07. VANVÅRD "Jag Tror På Vad Andra Säger (Fortfarande)"
08. RADIUMHOSPITALET "No Time (Version)"
09. SIVA SIX "Nihil Before Me (Iambia remix)"
10. DISMAL "Niveàre (Ab Ovo remix)"
11. HIDE & SEEK "Ghosts Of The Swimming-Pool (Darkroom Remix)"
12. THE FROZEN AUTUMN "Is Everything Real? (V-mix)"
13. BLANK "Hellbound (The Crystalline Effect remix)"
14. KLONAVENUS "Future Silence [Christian Ryder Remix]"
15. TOURDEFORCE "Across The Bridge (version)"
16. T3CHN0PH0B1A "N.A.S.A. [Obszön Geschöpf Remix]"
17. ELLENOR "Our Time"
18. THE LOST "The Last Call [old-rose version]"
19 .ACT NOIR "Drag Me Away (StarkEyes edit)"
02. ALL MY FAITH LOST… "Ivory ( Darkroom Version)"
03. SIEBEN "Rite Of Amends (my remix)"
04. THELEMA "Despair"
05. HEXPEROS "Rime Glitters in the Sun II"
06. CORDE OBLIQUE (Riccardo Prencipe) "Tempesta Di Sapori"
07. ZA FRÛMI "Imrra (Alternative version)"
08. ATARAXIA "Aigues Mortes (live version)"
09. NAEVUS "The Mill (live)"
10. ALBIREON feat. KENJI SIRATORI "Strange God"
12. RISING SHADOWS "Falling Deep Within (Different mix)"
13. POLLOCK "Widerseeträume"
14. ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI "From Desperation To Victory!"
15. DER FEUERKREINER "Soldiers To Arms! (78 rpm)"
16. CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE "The 5th Element" 5.48
17. ASHRAM "Forgive Me"
19. BISCLAVERET vs DAWID CHRAPLA "Ritual Of The All Embracing Madness (chaos mix)"
20. THE LAST HOUR "Last Blues"
21. OUROBOROS "Pavor Nocturnus (Ordalia Remix)"

It's been an absolute age since we last had a Ceremony Of Innocence update on Honour and Darkness - November 2009 to be exact. Well, high time the balance was redressed, so here's a little something to tickle your fancy and, what's more, it's a totally free download to get your hands on (with downloadable .jpegs for a cover inlay too, if you fancy printing one off to create a CDr version of your own).

Compiled by Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi of Darkroom ( this compilation comes as a celebration of the Italian online magazine's first anniversary (February 2007 - February 2008). It includes, in its own words, "exclusive, unreleased and extremely rare material" from the bands compiled.

Darkroom is an online magazine completely dedicated to the world of obscure music, from gothic to darkwave, from dark ambient to industrial, from neo-folk to ethereal, from synthpop to EBM up to each possible emanation of the ‘dark’ sound, including some evolved, obscure and ‘alternative’ metal. As such, the cultured sounds of Ceremony Of Innocence fits very well into its ambit, alongside familiar names such as Rose Rovine E Amanti (who have released split product with B-Machina) plus a host of bands new to Nazgul but well worth giving a listen to.

The C.O.I. track here is "The 5th Element", which Nazgul has only previously heard a part of the unique 4-way split CDr that Hugin very kindly sent to Nazgul back in 2007 (see post of 3 November 2009 for more detail). As described previously in that post:

"'The 5th Element' is a shorter reworking of the 7.07 'Hydra' track from the band's "Horproben 2007" demo with a new 'xylophone' section in the middle stages. Still immense catchy and an interesting variant on the original track."

As a free download this is a release that is both a real treat and a great opportunity for those of you not familiar with this project to give it a listen at nil cost. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

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