Monday, 6 September 2010


Item: Coffee Mug
Edition: Limited to a few copies - possibly 2 (see below!)

Just when you thought the creaking library shelves couldn't possibly cope with another piece of crockery, here's the latest in the small but ongoing collection of coffee mugs bearing the logo of one of Hugin's bands. By a process of elimination and a quick re-read of past postings you could probably put a fair bet on which band it must be, and for all of you who cried "Hrossharsgrani" then pat yourself on the back and collect a gold star on the way through!

Produced in limited numbers (you'll notice that Nazgul is being a little vague on the exact number here, as he's forgotten! Doubtless Hugin will come to the rescue on that one, but the smart money is on 2 copies!) and on the 'traditional' white background, trivia buffs amongst you will be overjoyed to learn that this mug is the only one in the collection thus far to have the handle on the left as one looks at the logo, rather than the right!

The style of the Hross logo is from the modern era, that of the Roman Empire-themed "S.P.Q.R." and "Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est" releases. Underneath this logo, in much smaller lettering, is something that may make you smile: orginally on receiving the mug and glancing at the design Nazgul assumed it said something - possibly written in Latin again - in an suitably enigmatic vein. In fact, it reads "Not My Cup Of Tea"....

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