Sunday, 8 August 2010

URUK HAI > artwork for unreleased 2004 promo

Title: Untitled
Format: Never released
Edition: None
What on earth are you on about then, Nazgul? This shows the proposed artwork for a 2004 Uruk Hai demo that was never released.

In amongst the boxes of assorted bits and bobs that have accumulated at Castle Nazgul comes this single sheet of paper, approximately 4.5" square and printed in single-side technicoloured glory!

It is something of an interesting item in as far as it denotes the track listing - and artistic style - for an Uruk Hai demo that never was: a proposed 2004 release from Hugin, which never saw the light of day and was never officially titled.

You have the older angular Uruk Hai logo - still perhaps Nazgul's personal favourite of all of the logos for the project as they have evolved over time - together with a photo of our Austrian hero bare-chested and clutching the hilt of what appears to be an enormous sword (stop sniggering at the back, you know full well what I mean). Further back still in this image a dragon rears up over a lone warrior, surrounded by a lake of molten lava....

This particular release was destined to contain the following tracks, most of which will be familiar to readers of these missives from later Uruk Hai material:

01. Nebelberge (Parts 1 -2)
02. Nebelberge (Parts 5-6)
03. Das Auge
04. Die Legende (Parts 1-6)
05. Elbentod
06. Gondolin Falls (Parts 1-3)

As ever, Nazgul sends hails of thanks to Hugin for digging this one out of the W.A.R. Productions archive.

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