Friday, 20 August 2010


Title: Nachtkrieg
Reason for update: a surprise development!

You may recall the saga that was Nazgul's efforts to obtain the "Nachtkrieg" split release between Uruk Hai and Amercian black metal band Forgotten Land. If not, head back to the post of 24 September 2009 for the detail, the short version of which reads "label keeps money and never sends the promised item: no copies of Nachtkrieg to be had, anywhere, until saviour found online". Now, from out of a clear blue sky, comes a surprise development that allows Nazgul to set the record straight as it were, and address concerns raised in that original post.

In a recent postal delivery to Castle Nazgul came an unexpected and very interesting brown paper parcel bearing a US postmark. Inside, much to the delight of the castle monkey, was a small selection of CDs from Dungeons Deep plus a copy of the "Nachtkrieg" disc signed in runic script on the front by no less than Lord Tetrarch himself, sole member of Forgotten Land and owner of the Dungeons Deep label. There had been some intermittent email correspondance between the two parties since that September post and some promises that the paid-for CD would be in transit soon, so the receipt yesterday was a solid sign of honesty and good intent, and Nazgul is delighted to reflect this situation in Honour and Darkness.

Information received from WAR Productions also suggests that the CDs expected by Hugin from the label have also arrived in the recent past.

There appears to have been some updates on the Dungeons Deep front recently too, not least on their website which is back with a new look and new product. Here is a link to their store for the aforementioned Uruk Hai split CD that you might want to try, and if you enquire first about availability and expected delivery times then it might be well worth further investigation:

Overall then, a happy end to the story...

[Edit: it seems that Nazgul may also owe a debt of thanks to Blog reader Morax Draug for keeping this particular ball in the air - many thanks!]

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