Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Title: Lebensende:Winter
Format: MCD version of this 2010 demo release, on Satanica Productions (New Zealand) catalogue reference SAT555-36. CD comes with glossy colour inlay and picture-disc enhanced CD with video as track two. There is a dedication on the inlay to CZ of Vinterriket.
Edition: Presumed unlimited

Track Listing:

01. Lebensende:Winter (audio) 11.12
02. Lebensende:Winter (video) 11.38

The first Honour and Darkness post of April 2010 covered the excellent "Lebensende:Winter" demo from Uruk Hai in its cassette pressing on the Depressive Illusions label. As noted at the time, the intention was to issue the tracks on CD as well as tape, and here is that version courtesy of New Zealand label Satanica Productions.

Packaging wise the CD looks the part - the cover art shows a more ominous purple hue than the blue-grey colour of the tape pressing, symbolic of the impending snowstorm that is hovering just over the horizon.

'What snowstorm', you cry? Well, take a look at the accompanying video for this track and you'll be immersed in a blizzard from the outset, which lends the track the necessary wintry feel that you just can't get when reviewing the song on a fine August day like we have here at Castle Nazgul this afternoon. Even the traitors rotting in the oubliettes below the Castle seem to be in better spirits than usual today, and Nazgul is sure the weather must be to blame. This track greatly benefits from having a snow-covered forest and twilight as a visual accompaniment, so the video track (hand-held footage shot by Hugin) is a definite boon.

Should you buy this as well as the tape? Hell yes, of course you should.

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