Sunday, 15 August 2010

HUGIN MUNIN > publicity material

Item: Publicity flyer for their "Viking Brothers" release, featuring Hugin

The Brazilian band Hugin Munin is not, of course, a dedicated side-project of our prolific Austrian hero Hugin. That said, Hugin has contributed to this album as we have covered in a past post, so as this glossy flyer was found blowing around the library after letting the brisk morning air into the castle it seemed timely to update the Blog with a quick post.

This particular CD was pressed by Beverina & WAR, whence this flyer originated, and as noted on the bottom of the colour side, "Featuring Hugin from Uruk Hai & Hrossharsgrani." The reverse shows a photo of Hugin bedecked in bullet belts and leather, and no points are awarded for spotting that this is the same photo as appeared on the inlay of the "A Night In The Forest" tape (and which, going off at a small tangent, was itself presumably one of a session used for other AMF releases, including the "Barbarians" tape, where our hero can be found in the same attire and up to his knees in a snowdrift...)

The reverse side narrative notes:

"Hugin Munin band is here to gratify for the friendship and support of our "6th" member from Austria, he is the almighty Alex 'Hugin' Wieser from Hrossharsgrani and Uruk Hai. He is working together with Hugin Munin now in creation, composition, concept and art in order to create deeper and even heavier Viking tunes!"

Keep scanning the horizon for an impending invasion of long-boats...

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