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Item: An interview conducted with Depravity Zine #2 in 2005, featuring Elisabetha band members Blutgraf (U.B.) and Neon Ästhet (A.R)

Rescued from obscurity and re-published for posterity, here is an interesting little interview with two of the three Elisabetha band members, circa 2005, originally published in 'Depravity' zine issue #2. It's about the only interview Nazgul has seen with the band that actually excludes Hugin from the responses, so in that regard it's a bit of a collectors item!

Depravity was the written word 'weapon of choice' for Annak and Phil Knight (who Honour & Darkness readers will know has been very helpful in supporting this Blog over the years) to vent their spleen on the world at large, and feature some up and coming (and some already there) bands from the underground scene. Nazgul thanks Phil - Welsh midget-molesting champion five years running now - for this copy of the zine, which is a mixture of the bizarre and terrifying with occasional references to music!

This is the original article, faithfully reproduced as it was originally published (allowing for the odd grammatical correction and tidy up here and there), so the doubtful nature of some of Mr Knight's questions together with the answers given have nothing to do with your old Uncle Nazgul, oh dear me no....

Hailz, please introduce yourself and your activities.

Blutgraf: I offer my greetings, worthy friend...I am called Blutgraf and I am a restless entity, a half-demon, existing only to analyse the stories about vampires. Big names have written the history of vampires - Prosper Merimee, Baudelaire, Byron, Alexander Dumas, to name any of them. Elisabetha is my haunt about the living, my imagination of the slow death. Elisabetha is death's force, respresenting the restless, the inconsistency and the contradiction. Elisabetha is death's blindness, how it pretends to be life.

Neon Ästhet: Dark regards! I'm the Neon Ästhet and see myself as a modern dandy from the southern states of the USA. I live with magic since the middle of the eighties. I do provate studies about magic, philosophy, theoretical physics and other sciences. I have two parts of themes in my writing and art - my universe of erotic-blood-pain with urban horror, MSF, war crime and other influences. All the other part is vampires, of course.

How are your dealings with Eclipse of Live Promulgation [Nazgul's note - the German label who released some of Elisabetha's demos]? How did it come about?

Blutgraf: The first contact was at the time of the "Vampyr" CD. The label weas impressed from the recordings and published them. The publication of the "Untodt" tape was the next, and now EoLP will release a split 7" with Nachtmahr. For me, the label distinguishes itself through unusual publishing - no commercial thinking, truely bound with the underground. The one and only basis to let art and inspiration grow...

Explain your vampyric obsessions? You have taken quotes from Werner Herzogs films amonst others, what remains your all time favourite vampire film?

Blutgraf: Hmmmm, Werner Herzog's movie is brilliant, but it doesn't play a big role in the samples taken by Elisabetha. To call one vampire movies my favourite would take away the worth from other movies. I have many beloved ones, and will tell them to you:
  • 1922 Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
  • 1920/21 Dr. Mabuse Teil 1 / Teil 2
  • 1931 Tod Browning's Dracula
  • 1932/33 Das Testament Des Dr. Mabuse
  • 1965 Blood For Dracula
  • 1970 Taste The Blood Of Dracula
  • 1963 Schloss Des Grauens

But also Hammer Productions - like Feinde Aus Dem Nichts & Das Grune Blut Der Damonen, also Jess Franco's Eine Jungfrau in Den Krallen Von Frankenstein / Frankenstein's Todesfluch have a very dark and morbid charm. Sorry to say, I don't sympathise with the newest movies about vampires: Angel of the Night and Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula are really the only exceptions that I like. Because I prefer an inspired and subtle use of light and shadows, refined montages (like the silent movies trembling light effects) to creates a doom and evil-like scene for the cruelty.

Neon Ästhet: Vampires are more than an obsession for me. They are the axis of the Dark Path that I go and reach through art and writing into all parts of my daily life. Also, my studies are under the sign of vampirism. I'm always interested to contact people to talk about vampires seriously. From old to new, I like many vampire movies and novels, and I'm still looking to discover new ones. I don't have an all-time favourite vampire movie, but let me tell you my preferred ones:

  • 1922 Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens
  • 1984 The Keep (Die Unheimliche Macht)
  • 1987 Near Dark
  • 1990 Pale Blood
  • 1990 Sub-Species
  • 2000 Shadow of the Vampire
  • 2000 Dark Prince
  • 2001 The Forsaken

But ask me any months later, and other movies may be on the list. I also like horror movies from splatter to atmospheric ones, sexploitation and erotic thriller if they are very hard and vicious.

Have you ever drunk the blood of a virgin? Or had rampant sex with a rotting cadaver? If you could, would you choose to become a vampire?

Blutgraf: I would reveal my innermost self if I gave a detailed answer to your question. The sexual attraction between two people can also be defined, to want to do things together, that would be sick, to do them with another person, hahaha....

Neon Ästhet: I make no secret about being interested in S&M and the dominant lifestyle therein. But I think you will understand if I talk only to my good friends about the details of this and other private things. To the second part of your question, it's like with my name. Some of my friends call me Neon and other ones Arnold - it's always a thing of feeling and understanding...

When can we see the next works of your emerging? How did the collaborations with Alex Wieser come about?

Blutgraf: Elisabetha will prepare new works for the years 2005/06 - here we go:

  • 2005 Nosferat double-CDr
  • 2005 Elisabetha/Namtar split tape
  • 2005 Elisabetha/Nachtmahr split 7"
  • 2005/06 Elisabetha/Vow Dreams split CDr in DVD case
  • 2006 Morella CD

Neon Ästhet: In all things Elisabetha I give the word to the Blutgraf - he's the 'head' of Elisabetha. I'm only a part of it, and very proud about that. For myself, I can say that I still write, paint and do new experimentsin writing and art. I'm always open for people interested in my art or who have suggestions. My next exhibition will be in 2006, here in Linz, Austria.

Enlighten our weary soulless minds will your full discography, and your most cherished album of all time?

Blutgraf: Hmmph, we have realised many publications until now - to tell them all with comments would be a little too long for the frame of your magazine. So I beg for the understanding of the reader to take all necessary dates from our homepage, or please try to contact the German label EoLP. About other Elisabetha publishing, I cannot say 100% which is my most preferred one but I prefer the newest ones, that's for sure. Because the sound is different using digital recording and a PC studio too. So the CDs "Vampyr" and "Wirklichkeit Erfullt Die Seele Wieder" stand high above the other recordings and offer the listener a true cabinet of horrors with dark emotional outbursts.

Neon Ästhet: I don't have the internet, but readers will find many in the net under Neon Ästhet. Maybe you can see a little part of my art on the Elisabetha homepage, soon.

I think that's all for this short interview, to finish give us an extract of your lyrics, and anything else you desire.

Blutgraf: One lyric, written with my heart-blood, has been written for the song 'Kloster Der Hoffnung' (in English translation):

"I writhe in anguishes...the grief scorches my heart...

A tremble penetrates my body...there's no way back...

The bell's sound tears the silence...the desire for blood in the storm of the night...

An angel tender and nude, call me away from there...the might of the living, dwindles into a feverish dream

Convent of Hope, protection under the standard of the cross

Convent of Hope, God's charity

Convent of Hope, the power of the blood steals your life

Convent of Hope, Satan's children are near to you..."

I am very pleased about your interest in Elisabetha and it's a great honour for me to answer your interview. Look out for new releases out of the grave...

Blood is life - Blutgraf in immortal passion to Akasha. Answered during the dying hours of the day 06.08.2005

Neon Ästhet: An extract from my lyrics is a bit of a problem. Because my lyric is a fusion of cynical and ambiguous nursery rhymes with parts of speech experiments it's difficult to read in German and impossible to translate. I call it Psychotronic lyric and writing. My desire is to go onward down the Dark Path, to learn more about magic and vampires. The private wishes are really banal ones - to interest people in my art, and to contact people about vampires, eroticism, etc. Glad to answer your questions. With dark regards from the Neon Ästhet.

Depravity #2 also carried with it an interview with Uruk Hai, which Honour & Darkness will re-produce on a future occasion. Sweet dreams, don't let the Neon Ästhet bite....

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