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Title: Anti-Genesis
Format: Cassette-only pressing on the Depressive Illusions label (Ukraine), cat ref CUT057, released in 2010. This is a split release with ambient Ukrainian project Saturn From Essence. The package comes in a unique, hand-finished design that differs for each tape in the edition (see details in text below)
Edition: Only 9 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

Side A - Saturn From Essence
01. Anti-Genesis I
02. Anti-Genesis II
Side B - B-Machina
01. Prophecy [Part I]
02. Prophecy [Part II]
03. Prophecy [Part III]

Join Nazgul on a voyage of exploration as he unravels (quite literally) this new split release between the B-Machina war machine, and Ukrainian ambient/transcendental/quite weird band Saturn From Essence.

This is completely new territory as this particular tape is sealed and hasn't yet been opened, so you're coming in at the beginning of an adventure into both the mysterious world of Hugin's industrial-esque project and into the extraordinary world of Depressive Illusions packaging!

We begin at the beginning - releasing the cassette case from the pink wire wrapped around it in a complex knotted weave. Doubtless symbolic and the product of a fiendish mind! Unlike the other copy of the tape that Nazgul has (see the Blog entry for 'Top 10 B-Machina items' on 10 July 2010, item #9) there is no external computer component strapped to the case on this particular pressing, and so once the wire is off we progress to the case itself.

Now, as you'll have seen from the photos above the case has also been styled by hand through the medium of a light finish of black spray paint over the transparent elements of the cover. This gives a rather pleasing matt stippled effect, which matches the matt black rear plastic cover of the case a treat. So far, so very mysterious...!

Once opened, a new surprise comes to light - there is a component of computer in here after all, hidden inside the case alongside the standard C90 tape. A quick word here from our friends at Depressive Illusions, who confirm that "each copy comes from a part of technology of modern civilisation" and, in this case, it's some form of errrr....chip-thingy (Nazgul's note: the Castle computer is powered by steam and spinning cogs set in motion through the wails of lost souls, or something. Certainly not these modern looking pieces of technology. Nazgul is not a techo-geek, so can't shed any more light on what this particular component is/did/does!)

From the case Nazgul extracts the inlay - vibrant and colourful and now freed of its disguise behind the blackness rather splendid. It reveals that this tape is #2 of the 9 made, and more importantly discloses the track listing which, until this point, had been a total mystery. Before opening the release, Nazgul had looked online for some details about this release but, as is often the way, nothing was forthcoming of any detail. Being such a tiny pressing, Nazgul supposes there was a certain inevitability about this, but the details of the songs on the tape were a complete mystery until this juncture. Would they be old songs, new songs, remixed songs, cover versions....who knew?

Well, now we do know, and it's a combination of the above! What we have here is the complete (one supposes) 'Prophecy' trilogy, interesting not least as it was generally assumed that 'Prophecy' was in fact a two-part affair! You will recall Part I and Part II of this song being released on 3"CDr by Smell The Stench a few years ago, but here on this tape is a new chapter, titled (believe it or not) Part III. Listening to the whole work mixed together and in one long version is a really enjoyable experience, bringing all the elements of the industrial-folk-flamenco-samples mix into one cohesive song. Part III builds on the atmosphere and is composed in similar style to the preceding parts, and if this track doesn't appear on a CD pressing in the next 18 months Nazgul will be officially astonished - it's surely far too good a piece to languish on what will inevitably become a sought-after collectors item of such limited quantity?

The Saturn From Essence side, by the way, is a more ambient and rather spaced-out listen. Long periods of cold, empty soundscapes mix with some electronic effects and on the whole it makes for a very relaxing if slightly eerie listen. This project seems to be relatively new, judging from the releases information on their MySpace page, but would be well worth further investigation.

So there we are - the previously unseen innards of "Anti-Genesis" copy #2 are now on display to the world at large. Of course, given the individuality of each tape, the collector in Nazgul is keen to see what the others look like. And so, loyal readers, should you have one of the other 7 copies currently at large around the globe, why not email a photo of it to Castle Nazgul to share with your fellow Huginophiles....?

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