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Nazgul's Top 10: Bonemachine/B-Machina rarities

Nazgul's Top 10 Bonemachine/B-Machina rarities

Following a few questions on the subject, Nazgul has decided to compile some 'top ten' lists of his most precious items - those rare and hard to come by releases from Alex's bands - that currently exist in his collection in the library at Castle Nazgul. For the purpose of retaining Nazgul's sanity, he is excluding t-shirts, badges, posters etc from this list and is focusing solely on the music! Feel free to disagree with these lists - Bonemachine/B-Machina being the fourth in the series - as they are purely personal observations based on my experiences since 2001 trying to find this stuff! By necessity this list is out of date as soon as it's written, as other items that Nazgul is yet to track down will eventually overtake some of these entries...

Well, you - the readers of Honour & Darkness - voted for Bonemachine as your preferred entry in the next 'Top 10' list, so here we go. However. the task of listing, re-listing and whittling down Bonemachine and B-Machina releases into a coherent 'Top 10' has proven rather hard as there are a myriad of limited edition releases that are tough to find, but ultimately couldn't all make the final cut. In the 'close-but-no-cigar' file you'd find such treasures as "Die Fleischmaschine", "Veteran", "Prophecy", "Damaged Sounds", and many others. Here, however, is Nazgul's (inevitably) subjective decision on the subject, see what you think....?

10. Vogelfrei (wooden box edition)
Whilst the three separate discs of the "Vogelfrei" release are reasonably easy to find still, the wooden box edition with bonus 3" CDv is another matter entirely. That said, Nazgul has found one for sale online during the research for this post, and over the years has managed to buy two of his own, one of which resides in Castle Nazgul, the other in W.A.R. Studios. They are offered for sale occasionally if you keep your eyes peeled, but expect to pay a hefty price to own one...

9. Anti-Genesis
Limited to 9 copies in a hand-made package (it looks as though individual copies may be differently finished, see photo), this is a 2010 release on the Depressive Illusions label and features both B-Machina and Saturn Form Essence in a split release. Both of Nazgul's copies remain unopened and unplayed, which is why you've not seen this on the Blog yet. The fact that Nazgul has been greedy and grabbed two copies (one bought from the label to support it, the other from Alex for the same reasons) means that there can only be 7 left to get, and doubtless they are already spoken for. However, you could check out the label's page at and keep your fingers crossed. This time next year - a definite top 5 item!

8. Mystified vs. Bonemachine
The old tin-in-a-bag format for this very limited and hand-crafted split release featuring a healthy dose of ambient/industrial madness. Due to the nature of the release - hand-made always looks pretty cool and collectible - this one doubtless sold out in about 5 minutes. Certainly you just don't find them for sale, anywhere, period
7. Burn Down Psychosis
One of the harder releases to find, but Nazgul had a bit of luck with this one as he managed to buy it directly from the label (Smell The Stench) just after it was released back in the days before he was in contact with Alex. As it is such a limited edition this was definitely a bonus, as I've never seen another one for sale since! Incidentally, in Nazgul's humble opinion this is a good example of a limited edition that backfires on the artist rather, as the tracks contained here really do deserve a wider audience.

6. Zeit
The fact that there exists both a tape and a CDr version of this release - both of which evaded the searching eye of Nazgul for years until Alex finally took pity on him - suggests that this is a bugger of a release to find. And yes, it was. Frankly, it's more likely that you'll be hit on the head tonight by a meteorite than find one of these for sale as an original pressing.

5. Novasak/Bonemachine split
This is a real cracker - the cassette split between Novasak and Bonemachine which came with the piece of circuit board glued to the cover. So clever, yet so simple. Only 16 copies of this were made, and due to the imaginative packaging I suspect they are all nestling in collections around the globe, never to be re-sold again. Certainly the copy you see here is the only one that Nazgul has ever tracked down, making it a stone-wall contender for this coveted list.

4. Another Time (wooden box edition)
Easily one of the most challenging of Hugin's CD to find, although the standard edition 3" CDr was at one time relatively common. Only 7 of these wooden box sets exist, and in searching for one Nazgul ended up paying the most he's ever paid for any CD, period, and also having to import a copy from - of all places - Brazil. If you have one of the other 6, then you've got a real treasure!

3. Eine Seltsame Reise Durch Die Nacht (die-hard edition)
The version of this self-released CDr you see here is the die-hard limited edition copy, coming with t-shirt and other goodies. The release came in a full pressing of 44 copies, the first 5 of which had the extra collectibles. It's not yet been covered in the Blog, and when it does you will doubtless be suitably impressed. Nazgul likes this package, but could you find another of the remaining four copies now? Does England boast a world-cup winning football team...?

2. Dieu Du Tonnere
You might reasonably suppose that it is this ultra-limited edition (5 copies) in its cardboard box that wins the prize for the most difficult B-Machina release to find. You would, however, be wrong. Yet with so few pressed, if you weren't on Hugin's mailing list when it came out like as not it would have been sold out before you knew it was released - Nazgul only just managed to get this copy, number 5 of the 5. Complete with all of it's contents, a remarkable and most collectible boxed-set.

1. Schicksalswinde
Coming as it did only in the Moloch box-set 'Traumklange Und Klagelieder', released in 2008 as an edition of only 9 copies and priced above the £60 mark, not many of these tapes will be kicking around on open sale. Unlike some of the other limited editions we've covered already, whose tracks have reappeared on the "Rotation Zwei" compilation CDr, the remixes on this cassette are - as far as Nazgul is aware - still unique to this release only. And your chances of finding the box-set now? Slim, at best. Yes, you're correct to note that with 9 copies it means there are more around technically than the "Dieu Du Tonnere" CDr and the "Another Time" wooden box, but frankly your chances of seeing an original are now vanishingly small. Making this tape Nazgul's top Bonemachine/B-Machina collectible.

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