Saturday, 17 July 2010

Followers of Honour & Darkness ... #2


In the second part of what has proven to be a very occasional series here on the Blog (part 1 was back in January this year) Nazgul continues to pay tribute to some of the followers of Honour and Darkness. In episode #2 of this exclusive series (!) please welcome to these pages Göran.

Göran has discovered Hugin's music relatively recently, and is suitably enthused about the matter to be considering including hs own thoughts on the music within a Blog of his own. More details as they happen...

As fellow "Huginophiles" all - why else are you reading this - Nazgul thought you might like to meet another of our own through the 'traditional' means of a short series of random questions....

(1) Your name?
Göran K. - While my ancestry is German, I somehow got a Norwegian/Swedish name.

(2) Town/Country you live in?
Ennepetal, a little town in Germany, really nothing exciting.

(3) Age?
At the moment, 17

(4) What do you do for a living?
I'm still a student and attending school. I spend my free time with teaching children taekwondo, a Korean variation of karate.

(5) Favourite style of music?
Dark electronic/ambient/alternative/experimental in general. There are lots more, too many to mention. I listen to the music I like, the style doesn't really matter. Somehow, it's mostly stuff, you don't find in the charts or on TV.

(6) Favourite bands?
Wumpscut, X-Fusion and Uruk-Hai

(7) First album you bought?
"The Stadium Techno Experience" by Scooter. Some of you might beat me up for this, but Scooter had always some great, fascinating trance-tracks on their releases

(8) Last album you bought?
"Across The Misty Mountains (...Far, Far Away)" and "The Battle", both are Uruk-Hai releases, of course!

(9) Favourite food?
Changes from time to time. Currently it's self-made pizza with ham and pepperoni :)

(10) Favourite film?
Hard to say. A classic one which I could watch again and again is, of course, "The Lord Of The Rings" saga. But besides that I also like Tarantino movies like "Pulp Fiction" or "SinCity".

(11) Favourite book?
"The Name Of The Wind" by Patrik Rothfuss, so far the best fantasy book I've read. I also recommend "Lycidas", "Lilith" and "Lumen" by Christoph Marzi.

(12) How did you first come across Hugin's music?
I somehow found the Uruk-Hai MySpace site, where I listened to some stuff which fascinated my in a way just very few projects did before. Later I got the "Black Blood, White Hand" Release from Infrarot and since then I couldn't stop listening to this music.

(13) Which of Hugin's projects do you follow?
Mainly Uruk-Hai. I've also listened to B-Machina and Hrossharsgrani but I like Uruk-Hai most.

(14) What was the first thing you bought that Hugin composed?
The "Black Blood, White Hand" box-set, which is quite a big release for getting started with a project like Uruk-Hai!

(15) What was the last thing you bought that Hugin composed?
The "Upon The Elysian Fields" release (the 3rd edition on Valgriind).

(16) What is your favourite release from Hugin's discography?
It's the split CD with Saltvind. I especially like the Track "Helm's Deep", an awesome piece of work.

(17) What items/release(s) do you most treasure in your collection of Hugin's stuff?
The box-set of course, mentioned above, and "The Battle".

(18) What items/release(s) of his are you looking for?
As I'm not a great fan of tapes, the only release I'm planning to get is"Lost Songs From Middle Earth" at the moment. [Nazgul's note: not a fan of tapes!? The youth of today, honestly...! :o) ]

(19) What message do you have for Hugin?
Thank you for the great music! I hope you'll soon be able again to produce a lot more of it ;)

(20) What message do you have for your fellow readers of Honour & Darkness?
It's good to know, that there are other people in the world who appreciate and support good music. Keep it up, and spread the good word!

So with thanks to Göran, another short chapter in this series ends. If you'd be interested in sharing your thoughts and collection with your fellow readers, why not drop Nazgul a line at the email shown on the right-hand menu....?

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