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Title: Und Wirklichkeit Erfüllt Die Seele Wieder
Format: see below
Reason for update: Unique promotional edition of this album from 2004
Edition: 20 hand-numbered copies

We have, of course, seen the main album before - on the Honour & Darkness on 25 June 2009. In that particular post the second photo showed a monochrome promo version of the album from German label Black Attakk, who released the final CD, but that wasn't the only promotional version of this album...

This particular work of genius was the precursor to the final release: an edition of 20 promotional copies (of which this is, Nazgul is very proud to say, #1) in special packaging and self-released when the hunt for a label to release the album on was in full swing.

As with all things involving Alex, an amazing amount of care and detail has been invested into this release, so much so that the final packaging of this version is superior (and certainly more creative and interesting) than the official label release, in Nazgul's opinion.

The track details are exactly the same, so for once let us pass by the music and concentrate instead on the contents of this wondrous item. The cover image above - another from the prolific dark artist Arnold Reisner [A.R.] (aka Neon Asthet) - is a rather splendidly erotic-vampyric image that fits the concept perfectly. The paper sleeve is folded to hold all of the contents listed below, and all come in a plastic wallet (approximately A5 in size), which has been dedicated on the front in gold by Alex.

The rear cover
Details the tracks on the audio CD element (and again, it is the same as the final album version) and denotes the fact that this is a promotional edition: "Limitierte Promotion Edition - Nicht zum Verkauf bestimmt!" The issue number is, of course, the gold numeral at the bottom of the page!

The audio CD

Yes, being that this was the main reason for the promo to exist, there is an audio CD in here and it does play the album in full. And it's still a damn good listen, and given the widespread availability of the thing online I trust you all have your own copy to hand and are giving it a listen as you read this.....? More bespoke artwork from A.R. on the cover of this disc.

The data CD
This is a really nice touch, being a biographical summary and containing the lyrics to the songs, and is expertly contained in a cover showing a bustling city in the late Edwardian/Victorian period (judging by the mode of dress) exactly at the time when Dracula would have been pitching up on the English shores, ready to unleash hell....

Map of the Carpathian mountains
An A4 copy of a period map for "Die Central Karpathen" showing the Elisabetha logo, the various peaks and elevations of the range, and a full discography and band details to the rear. A really atmospheric and imaginative touch, giving a sense of the old and macabre and tying in with the Dracula stories and legends perfectly.

Biography of A.R.
A small flyer, with some more examples of A.R. artwork on the front and a career biography on the reverse. Nazgul has been promising some coverage of the art of Neon Asthet on Honour & Darkness for some time now, and as many of his illustrations will resonate with anyone remotely interested in Elisabetha this will be happening soon, I promise!

Promotional flyers
The final item in the pack is a variety of promotional flyers and inserts for past work from the project, showing any potentially interested label their pedigree.

It's no surprise to Nazgul that Black Attakk decided to give this album a release based on the strength of this assortment: not only is the music good, the sheer effort and presentation of the promotional literature is persuasive and of high quality.

Another treasure for the online museum of all things Hugin!

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