Thursday, 1 July 2010

ELISABETHA > mystery artwork!

Title: unknown
Description: Artwork for a possible EP or promo release...that never was?

Track Listing:
01. Verloren Im Licht Sakraler Lust und Agonie
02. Untodt Im Wechselbad Der Sinnlichkeit

The great thing about parcels from Hugin is that you never know what might be lurking in the bottom of them as they're being unpacked.

This intriguing piece of paper - illustrated with a very Edgar Allen Poe style image, of grotesque demon crouching over a stricken female form, with a ghostly floating horse head in the background (!) - was at the bottom of one such parcel that arrived a while ago at Castle Nazgul. It identifies two tracks, both of which featured on the cassette-only release "Untodt" from 2004 on Eclipse of Live Promulgation (see Blog of 11 July 2009 for more).

Now, Nazgul is pretty certain that such a two-track release didn't officially see the light of day as part of the official Elisabetha discography, but whether a promo or other limited edition was ever issued on CD or vinyl only Alex may know!

Notwithstanding the mystery - and if Nazgul hears anything he'll let you know - this is another interesting and unique piece of Elisabetha artwork for Huginophiles worldwide to savour...

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