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Title: Valkyrian Romance
Format: Cassette release as part of the Split Series on Wulfrune Worxx (France), cat ref WW113. Released in 2010, with Hrossharsgrani's "The Long Grey Road" on the reverse side. The artwork has been revised from the original 2006 release of "Valkyrian Romance".
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 66 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Durch Folde Und Fenmark (rehearsal 2000)
02. Einsam In Dunklen Waeldern (new track 2006)
03. Uruk-Hai [Part 4] (new track 2006)
04. Ueber Die Nebelberge Weit (rehearsal 1999)

When this title came under the Honour And Darkness spotlight back on 27 March 2009 the post ended with the comment, "if you're into the essence of 'classic' Uruk-Hai you really should seek this one out..." Of course, that was easier said than done as the original Smell The Stench tape release (shown in the last of the photos above alongside this reissue) came in a minuscule pressing of only 30 copies.

Happily for fervent fans of the band, this timely reissue from Wulfrune Worxx comes in a rather larger quantity (66 copies, of which this is #10) and contains the original four tracks from the 2006 release. You also get the welcome bonus of an extra side of Hrossharsgrani material too!

The new artwork is much in keeping with the classical stylings of the tape version of Uruk Hai's "Lothlorien" album, although in truth Nazgul prefers the colour cover than came with the original.

Musically the commentary in the earlier Blog piece still stands, so to save you the trouble of looking them up Nazgul has helpfully copied them below:

"We kick off with "Durch Folde Und Fenmark", a long piece (over 14 minutes) commencing with the measured beat of a vast drum (surely a Viking war-drum) leading into a swirling and atmospheric synth-based track augmented by a subtle solo female vocal element within it - delivered in choral rather than lyrical fashion. To distant and fantastical realms wilt thou be transported, and lo! The Gods sayeth that this is good....

Next up, the short and rather cool "Einsam In Dunklen Waeldern". When I first heard this the almost 'bubbling' and bouncy synth parts put in my mind an underwater theme, which given the translation of the title (approximates to 'Alone in Dark Forests') shows what I know about interpreting musical atmospheres! A catchy little track though, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Song three is "Uruk Hai (part 4)" and a dramatic number is is too - you could imagine this, with its bursts of keyboards at key moments, being a score to a film quite easily.

"Ueber Die Nebelberge Weit" (which one free internet translation site 'helpfully' told me meant 'Over That Fog Would Rescue Far' - help, my brain hurts) is another long song to bookend the tape, and is packed with some atmospheric storm samples, provocative and thoughtful synths that create a dark and foreboding mood, and a nice wolf howl to end things!"

Nice to see this long-lost gem from the Uruk Hai discography being brought back from the dead.

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