Friday, 25 June 2010


Title: Prophecy Part II
Format: White 3"CDr in three-panel colour sleeve released in 2007 by Smell The Stench (Australia), no catalogue reference. The packaging includes two band logo stickers and a 'business card' sized magnet, all contained in a plastic wallet.
Edition: Limited to 24 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

01. Prophecy (Part II) 19.34

This is a really nicely put together release from Smell The Stench, mirroring (as you might expect) the packaging of Part I of "Prophecy", which was covered in Honour & Darkness on 10 October 2009. For Hugin trivia buffs out there, the image of the reclining nude lady on the reverse of this inlay is the same as the cover image used on the impossible-to-find "Neu" tape release from B-Machina (2007) released by German label Farbstoff Abstrakt Media Productions (see post for 6 June 2009 for details). Just don't ask Nazgul what classical painting it is - there is a limit to his knowledge after all....

Perhaps to no surprise either this 'rough mix' of "Prophecy Pt. II" is very similar musically to Part I. This is certainly no bad thing, however, as Part I remains an excellent song! To Nazgul's ears there are fewer spoken word samples/elements on Part II, and more space given to allow Max's Spanish guitar to weave their acoustic tapestries more fully across the song. The industrial elements also seem a little more muted on this track, with the general atmosphere being created coming across as one of isolation and emptiness as opposed to an accompaniment of mechanised noise.

Listening to this for it's 19 minute plus duration is a real please. The piece starts off with a very nice acoustic riff from Max (which repeats over the course of the song) and is one of those awesome guitar moments where it's a simple sequence of notes creating a memorable and mood-setting atmosphere. The song is musically diverse and, in the same way that Part I does, gives the impression of a musical score having been laid over an enigmatic play being acted out by ghostly, disembodied voices in a twilight world just beyond our reach.

Nazgul suspects that this release is now long sold-out at the label, as 24 copies were never going to hang around for long (this copy is #13, lucky for Nazgul). Happily, both parts can be found on the "Rotation Zwei" compilation CD on the Valgriind label alongside a number of other tracks from extremely limited edition original pressings.

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