Sunday, 20 June 2010

HROSSHARSGRANI > Schattenkrieger t-shirt II

Schattenkrieger t-shirt
Edition: Believed to be 30 copies

A little like the old adage about buses (you never see one, then two come along together), here's a second Schattenkrieger t-shirt from Hrossharsgrani to complement the one covered in the Blog back on 3 October 2009.

That previous t-shirt was a medium-fit (no good for your scribe) whereas this one is a more generous size, meaning that the prospect of wearing it and advertising this barbarian horde around the Castle Nazgul area is now a possibility.

Hugin informs me that this particular shirt - sporting the band logo on the front, and a coloured panel on the reverse mirroring the album artwork (digipak version) - was made in Portugal, and he thinks was part of a run of only 30 copies. Perhaps one of our Portuguese readers may be able to confirm this?!

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