Friday, 25 June 2010

THE BATTLE - update

Title: The Battle (Poem of a Battle in Nine Chapters)
Reason for update: Promotional material from label Drama Company (Spain)

This small square of publicity material arrived as part of the contents of a parcel from deepest Austria to Castle Nazgul shortly before the latters epic trip to the US of A.

It's a double-sided colour glossy promo for Uruk Hai's "The Battle" release of 2005, and like all promotional leaflets and publications the vast majority would have been received in mail-order dispatches or similar, glanced at briefly, and consigned to the dustbin of history. That's what it's always nice to be able to archive such items for the edification of fans around the globe!

The Drama Company of Bilbao, Spain, certainly presented this particular flyer with some flair. The text on the front reads:

"The third strike of this Austrian Pagan Ambient project from Hugin (Hrossharsgrani & Elisabetha) will bring the listener back to the glorious ages of heroism, honour & war!"

Now, on a totally pedantic point, unless Nazgul's brain is failing him at this point, it's hard to see how this is in any way the "third strike" for Uruk Hai? "A Night In The Forest" from 2004 was the first Drama Company/Morningside Records release of Uruk Hai material that Nazgul is aware of, followed by "The Battle" in 2005. At some point in 2004 the Eisenwald Tonschmiede label released the full-length "Barbarians" album, which could make this the third in a sequence were it not for the fact that (i) AMF's "Quenta Silmarillion" CDr release, the "Blutreich" compilation CD and at least 5 tape demos were also released in 2004, (ii) "A Night In The Forest" isn't the first Uruk Hai release on an external label anyway (as opposed to self-released), that title going to either Elbenwald on Elven Witchcraft or the early Chanteloup Creations demos from 2000, still not making this album the "third" of anything, (iii) there are about a billion demos by Uruk Hai preceding this release, and (iv) the "Tawantinsuyu" release was the third release by Drama/Morningside Records in 2006. Perhaps Nazgul should just sit down and take his medication, this is getting far too fraught....

Anyway, moving on, the reverse side of the promo flyer (which is where we came in, as you'll remember!) reads as follows:

"The year 2005 - blood freezes in the veins at the sound of clenching steel, a further, more giant battle is fought. The way of the warrior is sealed, created out of flesh and steel, baptized in fire and ice the warlord Uruk Hai rises with iron force to fight his battle in the land of shadows. Dark Pagan Ambient hymns, mystic and bombastic battle-sounds lead you to deadly moors, rise up high in the sky and chase the dark creatures through enchanted woods. Mighty atmospheres, war-drums, cymbals and fanfares build a symphony like the ride of a Valkyrie. Uruk Hai's third work [don't get me started again] is again a well-done symbioses of heroic battle hymns and radio-play like passages full of mystic characters. An epic tale that crosses the borders of the known arts in a world beyond, where flesh, steel and courage not yet lie hidden in the shadows. "The Battle" is a new ode to war, a further manifest of violence of the sword, an album which will attract every single warrior."

Phew, whatever he was on, Nazgul wants some!

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