Wednesday, 5 May 2010

URUK HAI > After The War signed poster

Item: After The War - limited edition signed poster
Edition: 5

The latest dip into Nagzul's collection of odds and ends produced this limited edition glossy colour poster, titled "After The War", and featuring Hugin resplendent in armour posing in suitably medieval surroundings. This is a very limited edition print of 5 copies, hand-signed by Hugin in the bottom right corner, and supplied rolled in a card tube with an Uruk Hai card attached to it. The poster is numbered both on the tube (under a Beverina & War stamp) and likewise on the reverse of the poster itself, Nazgul's copy being #1/5.

This item is not to be confused with another item of similar name - the demo tape "After the War (Orcish Battle Hymns Pt. IV)" - that was issued by Wulfrune Worxx as part of the Honour And Darkness series in 2009, and which is yet to be covered within these pages.

If the artistic style of the poster looks familiar, it may be because similar themed photos formed part of the set of contents of the "Lebenin" cassette/EP from 2009 as covered in Honour and Darkness on 20/02/2009. It may also be because you are a splendid individual and have one of these posters too!

For such visual bands as Alex's projects tend to be there is a surprising dearth of related poster material out there. Past Blog posts have covered some of them, notably the A4 poster with the die-hard edition of Uruk Hai's Vereint Durch Die Kraft Uralter Wälder, the accompanying poster with B-Machina's "Dieu Du Tonnerre" original pressing, and the poster that came with the die-hard edition of Hrossharsgrani's "Sanguis" album. Nazgul has one or two other posters (some accompanying releases and some promotional) which will appear in due course on the Blog, but for all that there are some awesome covers from past albums and demos across all of Hugin's projects that really would look fabulous as full colour posters...

That assumes, of course, that sufficient interest exists for people to want to buy them: however, given the number of you looking at these pages one would have to assume that the interest is definitely there. In which case, you may be interested to learn - from publicity material that Nazgul has seen that accompanies the recently released "Black Blood, White Hand" digipak - that the "After The War" poster is still being advertised for sale for the sum of 10 Euros, despite it's extreme limitation. Make a bee-line for Alex's official Uruk Hai site (links to the right) for contact details, and whilst you're there buy his albums too! First come, first served....

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