Saturday, 29 May 2010

LITTLE BOY - update

Title: Little Boy
Format: Cassette tape issued by Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine) in 2010, catalogue reference CUT065. Tape comes in a glossy colour inlay. Official reissue of the 2007 promo CDr from Bonemachine.
Edition: Hand-numbered to 33 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Little Boy

Back on 14 March 2009 Nazgul covered the promo-only 3"CDr release of "Little Boy" (under the band's former Bonemachine logo), and at long last the track has been revitalised with a new introduction and remix to be issued as a B-Machina tape in its own right.

The only other place you'd have been able to hear this was on the B-Machina 2CD compilation "Erste Rotation" in a 'remastered nuclear version 2006', but this tape release contains a different mix again to even that version, using what sounds like a detuned radio programme (of a woman singing) infused with static rather than the monastic-style chanting at the outset of the 'nuclear version'. Elements of the vocals on this version have also been through the effects/remixing process, although the basic premise of the lyrics - the dropping of the Little Boy atomic bomb by the Enola Gay Superfortress on 6 August 1945 - remains the same, as detailed in that original Blog entry.

Depressive Illusions have done B-Machina proud with the glossy cover for this release, which poignantly features on its cover a young mother cradling her deformed little boy in the ruins of the post-apocalyptic landscape left by the nuclear strike. The fully opened inlay begins to show the full extent of the devastation left by the bomb, which is still shocking to behold to this day.

One interesting item to note is that whilst the full list of musicians is listed on both this tape and the 2CD compilation, two of the German contributors have names changed on the later tape credits: Frostkrieg and Lupan now being shown as Felix and Bin Zynisch. Not necessarily in that order, mind you, but I presume the guys are the same on both releases? Also interesting for Nazgul is that more of the names from the original recording credits now make sense as to where they fit into the grand scheme of things - the penny has now dropped that Valerio is from Symbiosis and that Andres is from the Bestia horde. Nazgul catches on ... eventually!

The inlay notes that this release coincides with "the 65th anniversary to begin a year of awakening", and in these troubled times a bit of global rethinking on arms policies wouldn't go amiss.

Nazgul offers his thanks to Sergiy at Depressive Illusions for allowing him the honour of having #1 in the series of 33 tapes, which is really well presented and once again shows the care and quality of this small label. Check out their other releases via

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